Jul 10 2014

Something about these stories makes me want to find these guys. Not to join, but to duplicate their Reaper Lord Jacket, wear it and nothing else while I hide and then join their road formation on a pink Faggio.

Feb 4 2014

I'm not sure how it happened but after I saw the first picture, this popped into my head.

Jan 9 2014

Fans voting would be a total Jackass move.

Dec 6 2013

One time he went to bat with it accidentally. He put a hole in an 18-wheeler driving by on the Dan Ryan

Dec 3 2013

Am I the only Millennial who actively avoids Buzzfeed?

Dec 3 2013

buzzfeed is one of the worst websites on the internet.

Dec 2 2013

Don't you know? Everyone on Jalopnik has a degree in forensics. It's like fucking CSI on here all day long with these articles.

Only thing we're missing is a talking great dane and a groovy van.

Oct 28 2013

Damn, it finally looked like it was the Dolphins year. They usually have a losing record, miss the playoffs and get a shitty draft pick, but this year I truly though they were gonna get that elusive 8-8 and just miss the playoffs while getting a shitty draft pick. Without Pouncey they might only get 6 or 7 wins and Read more