12:45 PM

The version in the film was done using puppeteering/compositing tricks. They had a separate robotic version (basically this toy, scaled up) for a stage appearance, but I don't believe it was used in the film.

5:00 PM

My brother got me one of these - it’s just a sleeve with a few tools that fold in. It’s kind of neat, not really a necessity but if you want a poker on hand or some scissors to trim papers it’s handy.

3:11 PM

Same here, my fiancée and I played Halo Reach and 4 in split screen all the time. I hope they reconsider and find a way to include it, it’s a pretty major feature to leave out.

7:52 PM

I love my Vita - truly one of the best systems I've ever owned. Sad to see Sony completely ignoring it the past several years. They produced such a fantastic successor to the PSP and they're doing nothing with it, it baffles me...

10:39 PM

Keep in mind, VFX work is collaborative, and there’s not just one studio working on a given film - watch the credits, you’ll see a handful of VFX studios for any given film.

8:05 PM

They dated the sediments/deposits above and below the rocks, not the rocks themselves. This gives them a rough estimate of when they ended up where they are - they have to be older than the sediment above them, younger than the sediment below.

1:47 PM

A rather extreme example, but your analogy makes sense - don't blame the victim, blame the aggressor. I work in VFX, we just want to be able to do our art and make a decent living without being screwed over. It's the industry that needs to change, we shouldn't have to just accept what's being done to us.

4:14 PM

Scenario: Owner opens it to public. Someone hurts themselves. Person sues owner. Owner doesn't like this, so owner locks the property up. No one can get in, they can't hurt themselves, they can't sue. Read more

9:52 PM

Unions are something that the VFX industry seriously needs (there is no VFX union in the same way that actors have SAG for example), but as you said, that just scares producers into finding non-unionized work outside the U.S. Sort of a catch 22 - if we unionize, we have a means of representing and protecting Read more

9:28 PM

Haha, no worries. Working in the industry can really make you jaded pretty quick, we just have to stop and appreciate the fact that we're all artist just trying to do our thing. And looking at that footage inspires me to keep working at it. If only the creative business was more creative and less business...

9:18 PM

"Foreign artists" aren't keeping American VFX artists out of work - it's the fact that the industry isn't willing to pay jack shit for VFX that's pushing artists out of America and into other countries where they don't have to be paid as much. In a typical triple A film, an entire VFX studio (that can be up to several Read more

10:45 PM

There's the power, and there's also the issue of what to do with the waste. The waste from the desal process is hot salty muck that tends to be pumped right back into the ocean, causing a lot of coastal ecogical issues. Most people don't talk about it much, it's one of those "let the future worry about it!" sort of Read more

5:52 PM

Yeah, people need to stop trying to copy Steve's presentations. I had an original iPod touch and you're right, my friends would always want to mess with it, there wasn't anything like it at the time.

3:40 PM

Sorry, it's the internet. Its always a game of "who can be more of a cynical bastard".

3:29 PM

Your statement implies data entered by a typewriter can't be lost, stolen, or manipulated. This whole article is about exactly that happening.

3:50 PM

They made the mistake of updating it to "release" status too early back in October - it was buggy and missing features at the time and was critically panned for it. Honestly it's quite a good game, they've been continually updating it. The public build gets updated every week or two, the test build gets updates almost Read more

7:00 PM

You're forgetting that this is the internet, where we look for every possible reason not to like something first and foremost.

4:37 PM

If you don't like the smell/taste of herb, vaping won't change that. The vapor still has a peculiar taste (it doesn't linger in the air like smoke though). I'd stick to edibles if that's your situation.

4:34 PM

Mine arrived broken. They denied it, then promised to replace it. Over two months later, I still hadn't received anything. Eventually I had moved out of my apartment, still never received anything. If you're planning on buying an mcig, save yourself the time and roll a joint with a $10 bill.

5:42 PM

So the story here is that a guy on the Internet said he doesn't like Steam... Read more