I already read this issue of Ultimate X-Men. Professor X sends Wolverine to kill the kid, because only Logan is immune to his powers. Read more

When this novel wins the Hugo and is counted among the best SF novels ever written, maybe we can talk about it doing a “much better job” than Heinlein’s novel. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress is a master class in world building and story telling - if you think the latest novel-of-the-month is its better, you’ll be wrong Read more

Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land. Oh sorry, that version was already published in 1961. Read more

The way we teach sex education in the United States is such a crazy-quilt of curricula that it’s hard to know what’s

Welcome to planet Zalintyre, I mean Bilbao, Spain.

OMG I did the same thing with the Rain Wilders trilogy and passed them over when I first saw them. BUT - big mistake!! Malta and Reyn and Seldon are all in the Rain Wilder trilogy, and the deserted city from the skill pillars in the original Assassin trilogy is the final destination for them. Not to mention, this is Read more

You could make a pretty good argument for Charles de Lint.

My favorite thing about Columbo was that he always let the perps do 90% of the work in sending themselves to jail.

The brilliant thing about Columbo is that the mystery is not who the murderer is - it’s how Columbo is going to catch them. This is what sets Columbo as a TV series head and shoulders above most TV detective shows. Read more