Emma Peel? No contest: Essie Davis from Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. She’s the actress who comes closest to what Diana Rigg’s gave the role. Her Miss Fisher is saucy, sexy, witty, and strong and often Phryne reminds me of Emma Peel.

As long as we’re talking Herzog, what about Fitzcarraldo? About a madman trying to build an opera house in the amazon. Man v.s. nature exemplified by a boat and a hill. Read more

Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land. Oh sorry, that version was already published in 1961. Read more

The Avengers... The Steed and Peel version, I mean. With Australian actress Essie Davis as Peel. She’ll be the perfect successor to Diana Rigg. David Tennant as Steed? Or Cumberbatch? Too young, both of them. Brosnan? Read more

I won’t argue against any of your choices, but I’ll argue for one omission which should’ve been on this list: Silent Running. It comes on the coattails of 2001 and is thematically similar to Moon and the Martian, but did it in 1972. Bruce Dern is brilliant and the story is tragic and thought-porvoking/

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The Princess Bride. It differs greatly from the source novel, but it is as rich, layered, humorous, and enjoyable as the novel.

Your Sex Education Data Sucks” Ours too? I’m from the Netherlands, so I didn’t expect that accusatory tone. I always thought we did okay over here... Read more

The Guggenheim Bilbao in the background of an alien world in Jupiter Ascending. Yes, the building is alien in design. But it is also iconic. It distracted just too much. Not that it was a good movie to be drawn into anyway.

Charlie Jane, you got it in one. The Gold Standard, with a Platinum Rim and Diamond Sprinkles on top. In all its versions the Hitchhiker’s Guide is great, but I especially like Peter Jones as the book in the original radio play, and Stephen Fry’s version is also pretty good. Anything narrated by Stephen Fry is good. Read more

I wholeheartedly agree with this. Columbo inverted the detective story in a brilliant manner and thus made the cat and mouse game between cop and killer the central theme of each episode and not the who-dunnit. No other series has done this since. Read more

Nice simple trick. Would work for me, but... I don’t care for blue cheeses. Besides, I live in Europe. Which means I have access to a great range of unpasteurized soft cheeses. Which in turn means that Brie and Camembert are actually delicious cheeses. So I often opt for either one of those instead of a blue cheese. Read more

That’s it. I’m taking Netflix. Finally. Read more

Like the list. No real problems with it, though I like Quasar more than you. His solo book was great, but maybe not the greatest run in the Avengers. Is it me, or is Gyrich missing from this list. Not a true part of the Avengers, but still... Read more

As both a teetotaler (not out of conviction, but I just hate the taste of alcoholic beverages) and a Dutchman (who has never smoked weed either), I either couldn't have an opinion on this because of lack of experience, or a clear perspective on this as both an outsider and insider. The two beers mentioned in this post Read more

Arakasi, spy master of Mara of Acoma from the Empire Trilogy by Raymond E. Feist and Janny Wurts. He could outspy them all. Read more

Sorry, but how could you forget about Arakasi from the Empire Trilogy by Raymond E. Feist and Janny Wurts. He may very well be the best spy (master) of them all. Without his help Mara wouldn't have been able to survive, let alone thrive, the political infighting of Kelewan. Read more