Quickly after this interview ended, he realized that he was going to be a millionaire in 3 months and he doesn’t even have to pretend to be a student at UK anymore. Life ain’t that bad. Read more

It’s even worse than you think. He’s actually wearing jeans. JEANS. IN COURT. Read more

Every major college football champion has cheated their way to the top some way or another. Read more

Tim Tebow is just a winner and every team he’s been on in the NFL hasn’t given him the chance to succeed because they hate his strong Christian values and also Jesus. Read more

Good recruiter yes, but also an extremely lucky coach. He inherited a ready made champion after Saban left. And had a couple of those miracle plays over the years gone the other way he would have been gone from LSU a long time ago. My extended family are all die hard LSU fans and they cannot stand Miles. They Read more

The one quarter suspension against Alcorn St. he’ll get will be well deserved and really make him think about his life choices. Read more

Further validation that high school truly never ends. Read more

It just goes to show how much of an impact she made on everyone she met. I had the privilege of watching her coach as a student at UT. She always represented the university in a way you wish every coach would. The sports world has lost a true icon. Read more

He’s the player’s association answer to all of the new time shaving rules. Read more

Lockhart Steele?! Lockhart Steele.....Lockhart Steele. I can only assume his/her parents lost a bet to Clive Cussler which gave him naming rights to their unborn child. Read more

I lived in Washington in the 90s and I don’t think I ever crossed paths with a Seahawks fan. Ever. Read more

If you replaced Cleveland with “The NFL” in your title, that would be a more accurate statement. Read more

Been on that Wendy’s nugget train since 2000. McNuggets are gross and the only reason people like them is some form of nostalgia induced hysteria that brings them back to a time when they didn’t care about the greasy fast food chicken they were stuffing into their gaping maws. Wendy’s even upped their game a few years Read more

These stories are like a grisly car accident that I can’t look away from even though I know I will be disturbed by what I see. My faith in humanity has dwindled to nothing. Life is a futile exercise in nothingness. Read more

Our black lab has one of these but she just doesn’t like it. It might be because she generally hates wearing doggie clothes, but I think it might have something to do with the humiliation she feels when she’s forced to put on various accouterments. I finally found a more motivating emotion for our dog than fear - Read more

Well first I have to point out that they’ve played for two and won a national championship in the last decade. So it’s not like they’re going through some historic slump. Read more

I really enjoyed this book when I read it in 7th grade. My only question is why do they need Pine’s third character? One of the main plot devices, if not the sole plot device, was that there were TWO survivors, one ignorant of the world and what people are capable of and one who has had to do horrible things to Read more

I was just thinking that seeing this particular still. I loved this movie but it might be a little too real for some people. Read more