Sep 4

I wonder what the average person would do if they found themselves in a car surrounded by angry protestors punching their windshield and threatening them. Get out and surrender to the crowd? Sit there and wait until they flip your car over? Try to move the car forward through the crowd slowly? Or slam the gas? Read more

Jul 30

OK, me first. Do not take Ultium if you are allergic to Ultium. If you have had problems tolerating  Stellantis, consult your health care professional prior to beginning Ultium.

Jul 29

god damn it sucks watching other countries slowly getting back to normal while we just shoot ourselves in the foot over and over and over

Jul 29

Now I know you’re just doing this on purpose to annoy me, dude. It’s “Taunus” and not “Tanus”. It’s one thing to pronounce a name incorrectly, but you also keep spelling it incorrectly too.

Jul 25

And let’s not forget that there is a damn plague happening. Public transportation is filthy and inclusive use case means more plague bearers on the bus with you.

Jul 23

Most crime in California is up, when you consider the recent changes in law that release those arrested before trial, the treatment of property crimes as non-felonious no matter how egregious, coupled with the wholesale dumping of convicts on the communities from prison because of coronavirus or budget issues....what Read more

Jul 14

Because Erik doesn't know shit about cars.  Musk is all he's got.

Jul 10

I think the BLM = terrorism was spawned from seeing all the businesses and communities get destroyed. The BLM movement struggled at least initially to distinguish the people protesting inequality and the anarchists just there to break shit. And to be fair there definitely was over lap between the groups. Read more

Jul 10

Nope, but if I was inside it and a crowd of people started breaking the window, I would get out of there the best I could. An attack on my property while I’m inside it is a reliable precursor to an attack on my person.
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Jul 10

I worked at a Hyundai dealer almost 20 years ago where the “negative equity + no down payment + had bankruptcy 3 years ago” customer was a common occurrence in the show room (maybe it still is).
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Jul 9

Listen to Dave Ramsey a bit. Sure, you can pick apart his advice and find examples where his advice may not be the best. What you will find when you listen to him for awhile is that people call over-and-over who have financed shitty cars (like horrible Fiat/Chrysler products) that have worn out or broken down long Read more

Jul 9

While Tom is technically correct I think he misses the real issue here.  Americans in general are spending more than they can afford on cars they don’t need.  In 2019 the average cost of a car was $34,000, that is up 2% from the year before and has been increasing at a rate greater than inflation for over 20 years.  Read more

Jul 3

Model 3 tests say they are a lot of fun.... not appliance like......   and Lotus doesn’t make 4 door sedans.  

Jul 2

The only problem with this theory is trucks haven’t really gotten any bigger. Comparing the same cab/bed styles, a new 2020 full sizer is within a couple inches of a 30 year old truck in every dimension. And where they have increased marginally, it’s because of engineering decisions. Read more