Inspector Spacetime
Feb 19 2017

I need some relationship advice so I’m going to start a post for everyone to share about their relationships - the

Sep 16 2016

Any of you resourceful GT’ers have any idea of where I might be able to find the special edition cereal box with the

Jun 29 2016

I just can’t stop laughing at how he’s like, it OBVIOUSLY can’t be my baby, she’s 13 weeks along and everyone’s

May 10 2016

Has any one here gotten the implant? I got it yesterday (kind of surprisingly - I’ve known for a while I wanted to

Mar 27 2016
My life is complete

This is definitely the best time to have ever thought something was cool before it totally blew up. I would never be

Jan 24 2016

Having a real job has made me super lame, because a) I can’t just take off for 3-day weekends/spring break/two weeks