Sep 7
New Diorama in the works.

Got the major painting done on my new junkyard/heavy truck shop diorama done, so I could bring it inside and do some

Aug 21
New custom tow truck.

Cab was repainted and had wind deflector remove. Chassis was cut down from 3 axles to 2. Bed is from an M2 tow truck

Jul 22
Temptation is growing...

I’m going to look at the $1000 Packard tomorrow. Or to be more accurate I am going to look at a frame and pile of

Jul 19
Dangerous temptations

Someone local is selling a 1928 Packard body, frame, and grille shell for $1000. This would be the start for an epic

Jun 26
A long, hard road

This was the other heavily weathered truck I’ve been working on. This International Transtar 4300 took longer as in

Jun 23
Forget Shiny New

i like my trucks with a few million miles on them. This International Transtar COE got the full weathering

Jun 22
Load them up!

Got a new resin 3D printer, and have been prototyping loaded pallets for my trucks. Once I get these printing

Jun 20
Low riding chevy

I did a two-tone striped metalflake paint job on the Matchbox ‘75 Caprice. Added spoked wheels and had a proper low

Jun 4
The Gold Brick Gasser

Sharing another of my recent builds, the Gold Brick gasser. This was built from a rare (but not valuable) variant on

May 27
Big Red Rotator WIP

I haven’t forgotten this place, but posting here has seemed like too much of a hassle with everythign going on. So I