Oct 7

I was actually really impressed that the Police pointed out what most women already know... If your man is suddenly getting really into fitness... he might be a cheater. (#notallfitmen)

Sep 17

Look... Stassi... You aren’t a commodity worth saving.  Your time is past.  Fade off quietly.  

Sep 15

The end of this season was so incredibly problematic. She DID NOT want to be with him. She very politely kept telling him this wasn’t it. And he pushed and he pushed until she probably felt so pressured by him and the crew and the show and the “need for the storyline to wrap up”, that she conceded. I was super shocked Read more

Sep 2

During his public speech during Black Lives Matter, he said, he may never work again... And Hollywood Twitter came out rallying for him. He will definitely be getting work and really quality work at that. I’m excited for him. Read more

Aug 18

Haha yes. She just looked really different to me at first. I am certainly not an aficionado.

Aug 18

Hooooo lordt. Did not think my post would be taken so intensly. I just didn’t recognize her at first. I realize she fixed her teeth and probably lost some weight. My gawd y’all. 

Aug 14

Agreed, looking at more photos, I think she’s slimmed up, and got her teeth fixed and that went a long way. 

Aug 14

Genuinely couldn’t figure who she was in those photos at first. It’s absolutely wild how good plastic surgery was that long ago.

Jul 17

IIIIII’mmmmm guessing Princess Bea went ahead and got her wedding over with because Daddy may be going to prison or exile.

Jul 14

NATURAL QUINTUPLETS. There has to be some specific X factor for people who naturally conceive so many multiples!!!

Jun 9

I’ve determined Jax hasn’t been fired because he has the “Trump Factor”. He’s so wildly problematic, it’s hard to pin down and be outraged by one thing. Jax and Kentucky Karen need to go.