12:48 PM

Interesting thing about fuel economy. When gas prices peaked around four five years back, sales of gas guzzling SUVs plumetted. Prius, I think, showed remarkable sales figures. One fine summer, gas prices fell to earlier levels. Guess what happened. SUVs sales soared once again. Until people feel the pinch, they’ll Read more

2:22 PM

A point to note is that export variants of these cruise missiles will be range limited to under 300Km due to MTCR. Also despite being nuclear capable, have the russians ever worked on nuclear integration on these things? (Given the fear of these missiles landing up in Iranian hands and the spectre of them being Read more

3:30 AM

Dating the Mahabharatha is one of the projects that is made possible by the number of astronomical references within it. Comets, positions of stars and lunar month durations etc give pretty distinct reference to time.

1:39 PM

I use a vanilla flavoured protein powder. One scoop of that with a handful of almonds, a couple of strawberries and a handful of blueberries plus about a half spoonful of peanut butter and some honey and I use whole milk instead of water. I hate water mixed with protein powder! I do this almost everyday and never get Read more

9:54 PM

Unlike in the west, there are other places on earth where it isn't seen as 'gay' the second two persons of the same sex throw their hands on the other's shoulders or walk hand-in-hand :)

3:48 PM

Think there's a bit of glossing over as to what happened at Ferrari in 08. Cracked exhausts and development away from Kimi's likes contributed to his woeful performance.

3:26 PM

Sadly this isn't a one-off occurrence. So I don't think she should've walked away. Besides, walk away where? She was outside the restaurant where she works. A woman standing on the curb can't even stand there in peace, some jerk in cab has the temerity to insult her and she should've walked away? You know why this Read more