Jun 19

I am so with you—this was her way to passively-aggressively shiv Elizabeth Warren and try to regain control of the narrative once it was confirmed she would not be chosen as Biden’s running mate. Ewww.

Jun 12

I don’t have anything to add, since minus the random field mouse in my house that had to be caught, I’m in the ‘owns rodents for pets’ camp.

Jul 1 2019

Yes, and this is the problem that a lot of people are understandably having with the second season: Perry’s murder was technically an accident and also done to protect a woman he was literally, physically assaulting at the time. Read more

Jun 9 2019

Instead of letting someone - god forbid - eat during their break because - people need food - and instead SHAME them on social media in a mocking way, fuck no should she get the book deal back. She showed her colors all over the internet as a snotty jerk trying to mock an employee who ate on their break. Read more

May 21 2019

for a site that pretends to care about the underprivileged, you sure take great pleasure in shitting on discount stores and the poor people that have to shop there.

May 16 2019

There will never be a better Batman than Michael Keaton, though. 

May 14 2019

Allen wrenches, all of them for free, all of them for meeeeeee 

May 13 2019

It seems I’m one of the only people who still likes this show now, because apparently the idea that a show whose only long-running theme that rulership by birth is destructive at best and when led by ill rulers is horrifying in totality, ending with yet another ill-ruler with a longstanding history of Read more

May 9 2019

I don’t understand why this site needs to reflexively shit on Bruce Springsteen or at least treat him as a punchline. The guy is 70(!) years old and still does four hour shows. He still puts out very solid records after 49 years.

May 9 2019

Anybody dismissing the notion of electability might not know how politics works.

May 2 2019

And this particular marching band is HBCU inspired right down to the drumline just like Beyonce's but continue to stan I guess 

Mar 18 2019

So, a Trump loving guy just happens to kill a mafia crime boss while Trump has allegedly been nefariously involved with the mafia doing shady deals with them for decades all while the Mueller investigation is digging into Trump Organization business dealings. Read more

Jul 18 2018

The second one, for sure the guy with the beard was never in the military.

Jun 28 2018

Can we all stop pretending Elon is a savior of the human race now? The dude is no different than any other billionaire piece of shit- he just happens to have a science fetish. Suck a bag of dicks, Elon.

Mar 10 2018

Yeah, I was “supposed to vote” for a candidate who is just barely to the right of George W. Bush because that’s the progressive world you live in. And those darn primary challengers were so disloyal to the Democratic machine by actually trying to win an election by pointing out the obvious flaws in the anointed, Read more

Feb 10 2018

I can’t believe anyone is calling this human ‘idol,’ regardless of her side eye skills. Read more

Dec 12 2017

Because Lauer was a white male who was moderately good at his job. Therefore it was taken for granted he was the ONLY reason the show was having any success it was. The women were considered fluff and therefore, replicable. Read more

Dec 11 2017

I get that they had to strap down for safety (and this is something I can see being inflexible about) but she did do that and crying babies are just something that we have to deal with to the best of our ability. Read more