Jun 21

So, um. They’re going to do a spin-off of a series that was in itself a spin-off, one that was a cult series that only people in their 30s or 40s is going to remember, and they’re going to center it on a character that was so boring they had to justify her lack of personality by making oblique references to tokenism Read more

Jun 4

Anyone who wants to abolish cops is an idiot. What people want is cops who protect and serve rather than punish and enslave..... and for all humans to be served and protected equally.  This notion that protesters against cops must want no cops is absurd, and you know it.

Jan 29

Maybe it is a size issue? I am not sure if i am correct, but the mobile emitter just stored the holomatrix and not his “brain.” I would say the ship’s computer had enough processing power to make him sentient. Read more

Jan 5

It sounds like someone has some big feelings. Maybe you should take some quiet time in your room and take some belly-breaths.

Oct 28

all bodies are sexual. they are created by sex and their function is to create more bodies through sex before they become run down shells. we eat, we fuck, we die, in that order. we are animals, the dumbest of all animals.

Oct 21

I think you missed the part where she/masked vigilantes/the (very racially integrated) police are not necessarily better morally than white supremacists. Read more

Oct 18

Unfortunately it’s not just a symbol, albeit one that the USA should not want to be associated with. It is doing real environmental damage right now and will do economic damage to those whose property is directly affected by it. All because Cheeto Benito is a delusional fuckstick whose sole talent is surrounding Read more

Oct 15

These aren’t sweaters. They are screen printed sweatshirts.

Oct 27 2018

I want a legit animated cooking show starring Whis and Beerus. 

Sep 22 2015

It is in the same way Kubrick’s Shining is the definitive version.

Jul 8 2015

I’m not saying I’m in favor of piracy, but theft of physical goods really isn’t the same thing. Read more

Jun 22 2015

The details are great. The colors are wrong. The black rubber parts of the real costume were pure black while those on the model look dark grey. He also doesn’t have enough of the blue and purple highlights.

Jun 13 2015

I dunno. “An endless series of mindless chores” describes my time on a farm pretty accurately.

Jun 7 2015

A terrible game?! Come say that to my face! 😡😤

Jun 6 2015

Forcing, because most home users do not update thus leaving their OS wide open and insecure thus contributing to the ever growing problems of compromised systems, bot nets and so on. Also i am sure this is a way to stop piracy for people who bought systems with illegal OS installs.

Every computer i have ever fixed was Read more

Mar 23 2015

Would that be possible? I mean, don't they change passwords all the time or something? Read more

Mar 13 2015

Not a total scam. A good rating means nothing, but a bad rating does. Companies that take their reputation seriously don't allow a bad BBB rating to persist.