12/06/15 12:28AM

Oh, my God, I thought I was the only one who remembered the novels of Hugh Walters. The Mohole Mystery in particular always stayed with me - most of the book was like Walters’ normal output: fairly simplistic and very tame. But the thing that was discovered deep underground was utterly disturbing. Maybe much of the Read more

12/04/15 1:59AM

These look exactly like the type of posters and comic covers that he is mimicking

12/01/15 6:41PM

Yeah, I may have been reflecting my own situation: Hey babe, let’s watch that Netflix show together and I’ll pretend to watch and then ask you what’s going on.

11/20/15 6:04PM

I took her to a supermarket,
I don’t know why,
But I had to start it somewhere,
So it started... there.

11/20/15 2:17PM

It has a sense of adventure, it says so right on the poster!

11/11/15 2:11PM

Only marginally better than the time Anakin Skywalker opened a Montessori school.

11/06/15 10:09AM

I would put it on a high interest credit card too. Then I would use my cash savings at the end of the month to pay of the sucker and pocket the skymiles, paying no interest in the process.

11/05/15 11:27AM

Got better ratings than most things on tv this year.

11/05/15 11:19AM

If only positivity and approval were shared as often and as loudly online as negativity and dismissal, those of us who really enjoyed CONSTANTINE might still get to do so...

11/01/15 12:23PM

I really, really, hope it doesn’t follow the Castle route. Cancel it before it gets to that point, for the love of god.

10/19/15 9:28AM

I worked in retail a while ago, so I feel the guy’s pain. I’ve been filling out comment cards for a while now telling various companies that about half the people that walk in do not want to be engaged in some kind of conversation and that I want their employees to leave me alone unless I go looking for them. The Read more

10/16/15 2:09PM

I’m wondering if we’ll get scenes of him studying for the test and his personal experience knowledge of history will differ from the textbooks the test is based on.

10/07/15 3:48PM

I have, like, the cheapest mower you can get at Menards and I leave the gas in. 6 years later and it still runs exactly like the day I first started it up. Like crap.