May 5

That’s what I’m trying to figure out. Are they going to make RED SONJA or are they making 2020s appropriate Red Sonja? Probably the latter, which can be good, I’ll be open-minded, but I know the source material.

Apr 30

Those jerks tried to circle him looking all hard, but his vigorous pumping and spraying all over the place got them off as fast as possible.

Apr 28

Right? What’s the point of building hype for something this early when that very same hype is the greatest possible danger to your project? Just sit on it until it’s done. Once it’s out in the wild and passed around to all who want it, it’s a lot harder for anybody to shut down.

Apr 24

It's 1 in a million and not even death in those cases. You have a higher chance of being hit by lightening.

Apr 22

Because the Republican platform is based around hurting someone. It doesn’t really matter who it is. The people that they cater to, the people that they court for donations and votes, are the people that need to feel that they are better than someone. They will support anything as long as it makes someone else’s life Read more

Apr 14

playstation had this since the PS3, and ps5 also had this from day one, this article was not very well researched

Apr 14

Xbox and Switch do swap tv inputs for power. Its part of my set up.

Apr 2

You go to any swimming pool in the country and you’ll see women in bikinis. Children will be there and will be able to see women in bikinis. This is simply what the swimming pool is. Same with hot tubs, there just aren’t as many hot tubs as there are swimming pools. Read more

Mar 25

A bill, written by Epic’s lobbyists (Epic funded and co-founded the Coalition, something Gizmodo’s articles never seem to disclose), was killed by Google and Apple lobbyists. Anyone pretending this is anything else is either (a) willfully disingenuous, or (b) totally ignorant as to how the process works and who the Read more

Mar 24

Mike Lindell is probably best known as the pillow magnate who somehow managed to worm his way into the inner sanctum rectum of Donald Trump’s administration
Read more

Mar 24

Nah, just add “-N-Furter” to the end and you’ll instantly be cool.

Mar 24

I bet you could evoke the same reaction by posting a video of a woman filling out a home loan application without her husband present.

Mar 24

i mean since everyone is your “friend” automatically, it sure would be a shame if the internet decided this was the new “to be” place for hardcore gay pornography. Those types of people would love that right? /s

Mar 2

If they bow to the current donors, they’ll lose the future donors who are at college right now and signing petitions to get rid of it. It is a better long term investment to take the hit now, probably from boomers who will die soon anyway, and invest in the goodwill of the current crop of students for future Read more

Feb 25

No more Knacks?

Kidding on that one, but is a shame. I know the big-name directors like Toyama and Ueda left already, but there was still clearly a lot of talent in that studio. I was hoping they were developing some new ones to replace them.

I guess I’ll never get another Gravity Rush :(