Ash, please explain to your editors that Bill Cosby is not an “alleged” rapist. Read more

I actually like a lot of MatPat’s videos but this one really rubs me the wrong way. Read more

Because she’s a Syndulla, it’s a big deal that she’s been caught in a restricted area and so despite the clones giving her a pass, Cham and his wife Eleni get into it with Gobi. How could he put her in that situation, they ask? He asks them, how could Hera be spying on the Empire if they have nothing to hide? Cham and Read more

Y’know, when I saw “divisive song” in the headline, I immediately thought that the song had something inherently offensive (as in, racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.) in it. Read more

That's some nice applied science <3

New to Star Wars Fandom? 

Much ado about nothing.

Those offended by this “change” are the same neckbeards upset about Luke being a real broken person in VIII and uses the term “Mary Sue” a lot.

Would love to be able to do this with an elite controller.

He is allowed to donate to the party of his choice. We’re allowed to criticize it.

Sony HAS done this FREQUENTLY over the years. Get over it

Except that Starfield and Redfall are not existing IPs that Sony has had on their consoles. They didn’t come out saying ES6 or FO5 will be Xbox exclusives did they? Sony has bought several 3rd party studios that have made Xbox games, but are now Sony exclusive.

It’ very nit-picky. We scream about representation, and when someone does it, it still isn’t good enough and then we shit on the people who are on our side. 

Agreed. There’s always going to be *someone* that doesn’t like the way you run the ship. As you correctly pointed out, LMM has done more for minorities than most people in the same profession/position. 

LMM has done more to promote minorities on stage and screen than anyone else in the last dozen years or so. Too fucking bad if there’s not enough of a particular minority featured in “In the Heights” - he shouldn’t have to apologize for shit.

And make sure you vote at every single stage of the process, from the candidates in your township right up to the presidential vote.

I find it interesting how you can call yourself progressive yet waste precious oxygen defending bigots, fascists and war criminals from the consequences of their actions.

What I will not do is reject and demonize anyone who does not agree with me by presenting them as horrible people, caricatures, that do not represent the truth of who they are overall.
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I just don’t believe in taking a purist absolutist stance and throwing art and people away for things like this. Read more

You don’t need to misrepresent the issue. It is in no way similar to McCarthyism to simply criticize people with right wing affiliations for actions they take which further harm. The money Cawthorn put towards this is money spent to limit the rights of people like me, and no wishy-washy ‘free speech’ chirping or Read more