Have they even said PC will be getting a “next gen” upgrade?

Could be a technical limitation. Already, some of the fastest cars going down a straightaway in the city can experience framerate drops on a standard xbox one. 

It’s not time for another civil war. It’s time to start kicking states out of the union so they can implode on their own, like shoving them out of a moving car. 

It’s possible that he was lying about the recovery too. 

I was born in ‘88, so most cartoons of the time were before me. But when I was like 8, by family had one of those old, giant metal satellite dishes. We got crazy shit from all over the place, but my favorite was this random channel that showed old cartoons non stop. Silverhawks, Pole Position, MASK, Jem and Bionic 6 Read more

My first name happens to be May. And I’m super short. So Ive always loved GG May. Read more

As I’ve said in other replies, if that’s why she’s so important, they haven’t been taking genetic samples for the years that she happily lived on Kamino and had no reason to distrust them why, exactly? Read more

Who said they did it perfectly? She could be a fluke. Knowledge that they did it once by mistake could be why someone is trying again with a sample known to already be strong in the force later on with Grogu.

Then that plot point hinges on the cloners being too stupid to keep samples from Omega on file during the time when they had her.

And they didn’t think to keep a blood sample from Omega (or Boba) on file? It could be true. It would hardly be the first time that a Star Wars plot point hinges on people being unreasonably incompetent. 

That’s highly doubtful. The Kaminoans repeatedly treat clones as disposable products, so a clone expressing a trans state would at best be ignored, and at worst be “recycled”

A sample with a mutation cannot be “unaltered” by definition. The mutation is an alteration, deliberate or not. 

Because that could be a red herring? That makes no sense anyway; Jango Fett (and Boba) were male. So clearly, Omega isn’t completely unaltered. Plus, they made her. Clearly, at the time of her birth/creation, they had the sample to make her. Read more

What they should do is make collections an opt-in thing. Make collection authors get permission from the individual mods’ creators to make the collection in the first place. 

I had no idea it was called that until I read it in the novels.

They can get away with it. That’s really all you need to know when asking why X company does Y thing.

They can get away with it. That’s really all you need to know when asking why X company does Y thing.