6/12/17 1:37AM

That’s why I don’t watch the local news. Nothing but endless puff pieces.

6/10/17 7:38PM

If I was important, I’d have a special laptop, specifically for surfing porn and such.

5/04/17 12:05AM

Oh, man. I’ve got a sick feeling in my gut about this. The guy is not at an age where he can rehab a serious injury and return to form. Read more

4/08/17 8:18PM

He was clean-shaven before the game started.

4/05/17 6:25PM

This guy has yet to make it through 12 steps, let alone an entire staircase. 

4/03/17 7:45PM

Looks like a Saab 9000 crossed with a piece of shit.

3/29/17 9:14AM

If they’re looking for an unoccupied space that’s hosted bowls, how about Mark Davis’ head?

3/03/17 12:28PM

Jose Bautista completely rebuilt his swing at the age of 30 when he joined the Blue Jays. It wasn’t just the mechanics, it was also in his approach: how he learned to mentally chart each at-bat; segregate his fielding from the batters box; develop strike zone discipline. If it wasn’t for Cito Gaston and Dwayne Murphy Read more

2/03/17 5:37PM

Her opponent later admitted that it was the longest he ever lasted with a girl.

1/31/17 8:45PM

Guess they finally tapped out the whole lucrative “fat people who frequent amusement parks” demo

1/30/17 2:33PM

Cardinals GM: [dials up Astros GM] Looks like we have to send you a couple of draft picks, do you want to make those selections yourself or should we just work off the list that we have?

10/27/16 9:23AM

Cubs: How’s everything going tonight?
Indians: Fine.
Cubs: Your entrees are good?
Indians: Yes, fine, thanks.
Cubs: More water?
Indians: All set, I’d just like to-
Cubs: Refresh your wine?
Indians: No, thank you, but the food is getting col-
Cubs: Care for the dessert menu?
Indians: No, please, let me eat my dinn-
Cubs: More Read more

9/28/16 12:48PM

Sadly, he had no idea what to do when he reached third base