Jun 12 2017

That’s why I don’t watch the local news. Nothing but endless puff pieces.

Jun 10 2017

If I was important, I’d have a special laptop, specifically for surfing porn and such.

May 4 2017

Oh, man. I’ve got a sick feeling in my gut about this. The guy is not at an age where he can rehab a serious injury and return to form. Read more

Apr 8 2017

He was clean-shaven before the game started.

Apr 5 2017

This guy has yet to make it through 12 steps, let alone an entire staircase. 

Mar 29 2017

If they’re looking for an unoccupied space that’s hosted bowls, how about Mark Davis’ head?

Mar 3 2017

Jose Bautista completely rebuilt his swing at the age of 30 when he joined the Blue Jays. It wasn’t just the mechanics, it was also in his approach: how he learned to mentally chart each at-bat; segregate his fielding from the batters box; develop strike zone discipline. If it wasn’t for Cito Gaston and Dwayne Murphy Read more

Feb 3 2017

Her opponent later admitted that it was the longest he ever lasted with a girl.

Jan 31 2017

Guess they finally tapped out the whole lucrative “fat people who frequent amusement parks” demo

Jan 30 2017

Cardinals GM: [dials up Astros GM] Looks like we have to send you a couple of draft picks, do you want to make those selections yourself or should we just work off the list that we have?

Oct 27 2016

Cubs: How’s everything going tonight?
Indians: Fine.
Cubs: Your entrees are good?
Indians: Yes, fine, thanks.
Cubs: More water?
Indians: All set, I’d just like to-
Cubs: Refresh your wine?
Indians: No, thank you, but the food is getting col-
Cubs: Care for the dessert menu?
Indians: No, please, let me eat my dinn-
Cubs: More Read more