7/06/20 10:58AM

Don’t know if you’ve seen this yet, but here is on-board footage and full team radio through the last lap and the engineer talking him through it. I found it really cool to watch. Lando is hilarious. Read more

7/06/20 8:36AM

I saw this exact car at a Cars and Coffee last fall; it’s amazing. And the best part is that they drove it ~10 miles on public roads into the C&C on dealer plates.

7/05/20 12:23PM

Lando putting in the fastest lap of the race on the final lap needed to close what seemed to be a second gap and actually doing just that was fantastic. I haven't been that excited at the end of a race in a long time. 

1/17/20 12:59PM

Being “rewarded” with a chance to win gifts from a raffle system where tickets are “paid” via mandatory extra hours is the premise of a Black Mirror episode that has yet to be written.

1/06/20 1:45PM

I would add, educate family and friends on how to be in your car. As a younger millennial, most of my friends have never been in a car of the same vintage as my truck.

1/06/20 1:43PM

I drive a 10 year old Mini with 150k miles. It is merely a collection of unusual sights, sounds, and smells, packed into something that is vaguely car shaped. Read more

1/02/20 6:41PM

I love the one storage box set off at a jaunty angle to suggest that, no really, this remarkably immaculate and dust-free piece of furniture is totally being used by actual real people outside of a perfectly-lit model home.

12/31/19 12:51PM

I think only just because this article was to be a little fun, and not depressing.

12/30/19 4:35PM

Really? See my take on a game like this, with so much content and a significant learning curve due to it’s complexity, is to play on the easier settings at first. Now that probably doesn’t help me learn a lot of the boosts/weapon improvements etc. because you don’t need to do a lot of that stuff on the easy setting.  Read more

12/20/19 10:16AM

Though, reading between the lines, his feelings towards the games may have more to do with how royally he screwed himself on the licensing agreement with CDPR. 

12/18/19 1:13PM

Outer Wilds was so good. I wish I could forget it and play it again.