Jan 7

Timing belts - I learned about that the hard way. Still, at least I also learned a lot more about how a four-stroke engine works rebuilding the head on my crappy old Ford Orion :-)

Dec 31

Everyone has their own preferred way of doing these things, but for me I enjoyed the challenge of that mode. However, if your time is limited and you simply want to enjoy the story, which is totally cool, then of course it’s fine to play this or any game on an easier setting. Read more

Dec 18

Yep, and another nice thing to do if you weren’t in a hurry and happened to be in the right spot was chilling with the other Hearthians awaiting the umpteenth supernova. Read more

Dec 11

Everybody should play Outer Wilds. Everybody should play Outer Wilds. Everybody should play Outer Wilds. Everybody should play Outer Wilds. Everybody should play Outer Wilds.Everybody should play Outer Wilds.  Read more

Oct 29

Joking side, it’s a great picture - nice work!  Love the way you’ve caught the sunlight on the top of the clouds :)

Oct 22

I feel kind of guilty that the Chernobyl cosplay was my favourite, because there were so many awesome costumes that clearly required incredible craft, skill and time. Read more

Oct 15

Such a big fan of this game. I’d not played the first two games and had been put off by how big/complex The Witcher 3 appeared to be, plus I wasn’t a huge fan of sword and sorcery stuff. But I bought it when it was on a great deal on XBox’s gamestore last year, played it and both DLCs and absolutely loved it. Read more

Sep 17

but when it first started airing, Battlestar Galactica was some of the best television ever, anchored by two of the best actors, Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell. Read more