I’m still hoping for a new release from the 3DS game series. The mechanics just flowed better with me and I can actually play a song on hard good. Future Tone, not so much, happy to just clear a song on normal... still fun though. Read more

You can change the ABXY to just arrows, that helped my tremendously on the 3DS game. I now tried the demo on Switch and you can also change to arrows here too. It doesn’t matter if you input via digi pad or ABXY (eg. right = A, left = Y), it’s mirrored input. Read more

FF7 is the only game I totally understand it’ll be er have a Switch port but Sakura isn’t graphically intense. Same with Persona5, now I had to buy the Royal version on PS4, again. Although the new Warriors spinoff will actually do get released on Switch. Just doesn’t make sense. I’m curious about the next Tales game Read more

Well yes there are “new” tactical games but many older series switch from tactical to more action because they have to do something new (See FF7). If it’s done well I don’t mind it so much tbh. In this case im just happy a new game is out and the franchise continues. Read more

I really was hoping for a Switch version Read more

There is another key art with Makoto from the front where she looks like a woman. In the trailer she looks like a girl. On top she apparently has her old older sounding voice artist back. Read more

Recaro Exo, saw it at gamescom and my first thought was “nice a gaming chair that doesn’t scream gaming”. And Recaro is a seat manufacturer, they should know what they’re doing. Read more

Recaro Exo, saw it at gamescom and my first thought was “nice a gaming chair that doesn’t scream gaming”. And Recaro

I think multiplayer makes a difference. We pretty much breezed through Xillia twice on an extended weekend with one CPU on healing duty.  Read more

I thinks it’s even an abbreviation for across. Read that one somewhere... but I think in this case it’s coming from cross meaning no and circle meaning yes. Because it’s seen the other way round in the west the X and O button functions were switched here in most games. Read more

Actually I don’t know how long it was. 15min maybe? Who do you mean by pretzel friend...? Read more

I could play it at gamescom and we did a race how far we could get until the demo runs out. We both made it to the first temple. Muscle memory. Read more

Isn’t the left over mosaic just the Japanese standard censoring? They still have a law that women and men private parts can’t be shown, no matter if real or drawn. Read more

Last year I upgraded from 6 to 8. Now I’ll stick to 8 until they hopefully get this thing sorted out. Read more

I just don’t know how things keep working in US without statutory minimum vacation days and maternity leaves. Boggles my mind. Read more

That’s what I thought. No problem with the act itself (female myself), do it in public or in a separate room. But please don’t put your kids in front of the camera. Everything that finds it way onto the internet will stay there in some form or another. Imagine the kid finds that footage online in a few years. Won’t be Read more

I’m usually one of the first to complain about text size, but I think it’s ok in handheld? I mean I can put it a bit closer if needed but I never had to (at last consciously). Didn’t play it docked yet but I’m sure there it’ll be too small for me. Here it’s way more important how big your TV is and how far are you Read more

I heard there’s supposed to be a new trailer/teaser of the finally hopefully really releasing next year Neon Genesis Evangelion movie attached to the screening.....? Read more

I don’t know how you can do that to a studio that does the most inoffensive shows. Hope the injured will be able to recover. Read more

I like anime where I learn stuff from just watching. Cells at work did more than any biology class ever did.  Read more

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