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If Chris Christie is the 2016 GOP nominee, would your model incorporate his chance of stroking out before election day? Read more

Discussing details of the CBA on a sports blog - $∞ Read more

How does the Sandusky scandal impact Penn State's ability to cover up future scandals? Read more

I hope Sandusky drops the soap!!! Read more

He finally got tired of carrying his wife's dog in a backpack. Read more

"What size shoe do you wear?" he asks. Read more

I like to think that any of the babies I've paid to have aborted could write a better film noir script than Mariotti. Read more

Juror 13 (alternate): White male in his late sixties with white hair. Married with no biological children. Retired Penn State employee. Has been approached to talk about the case starting in the late nineties. Said he's ready to be impartial. Always has an excellent supply of candy. Read more

When a true hockey team appears in the L.A., you may know them by this sign, that the media dunces are all in confederacy against them. Read more

Nobody believes that Jordan would ever pass on a white pussy. Read more

Does this explain the large number of distance runners who were involved in the Sri Lankan Civil War? Read more

And he didn't even mention his Who's on First? style routine about Gold winning silver, and Silver winning gold. Read more

It's not racial, the guy just loves fake bands. He seems like the type to have a Godsmack logo tattoo. Read more

You know the old saying in Louisiana: you can't have a freakishly tall ablino with the wingspan of an albatross swing a dead cat without generating enough centrifugal force to rip the cat's head off. Read more

Although it worked for Payton, becoming a role player probably won't get her a ring. Read more

That's pretty cool, but there was no need to speculate on Lin's assist to turnover ratio for the Knicks first round series loss on the label. Read more

The worst part about Cuban's "joke" is how it trivializes Jimmy Kimmel's brutal work schedule. Read more

It was there, to the town camp of Little Sisters, that he returned last week... Read more

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