Oct 10 2017

32?! Nigga look like it rode out the Great Depression riding the rails or some shit on the way to Cali. 32, goddamn.

Oct 9 2017

White man with a drug problem telling black man to be respectful/know his place, while thirsting over a black woman on the low. Read more

Oct 6 2017

She only campaigns for Jesus? When has Jesus ever campaigned for Black people? Slavery. Jim Crow. War on Drugs. Now these blantant caught-on-cam police murders. These loving gods have been curiously silent.

Oct 3 2017

Isn’t it ironic? Let’s check with Alanis Morissette to find out if this qualifies. It’s like saaaaaying noooo, to abor-or-shun, and then turning round, and getting your mis-tress one....

Sep 21 2017

As a Native American, I feel like this teacher get on a leaky raft and paddle her way back to Europe, if she feels that way.

Sep 21 2017

I worked in emergency healthcare for several years in a rural community that has a high percentage of residents that are white and well below the poverty line.

Mostly what I would see was this...overwhelmingly, and sadly, people that lost custody of their kids wanted them back and fought for it simply because they Read more

Sep 20 2017

I’m a former foster care case manager who worked in the Cook County Family Courts and was licensed by Illinois DCFS. While I appreciate what this article attempts to do, it unwittingly showed the biggest problem with the families that get tangled up in it. Read more

Sep 20 2017

As an abuse survivor, screw both of these women. The one with the five kids who says her kids were not harmed, that’s b.s even if all they did was watch or hear their Mom being beaten: it’s terrifying, nothing is safe coming from the people in the world you should be able to count on to make you feel safe. If you have Read more

Sep 20 2017

This is a very hard read for me. Full disclosure, I’m an abuse survivor so I may have my own issues all over this, but... It really sounds like they’re painting parents as the victims. The parents are adults. Read more

Sep 15 2017

“My credit score will be above 750. I currently have the credit score of a homeless hologram.” Read more

Sep 6 2017

See? This is what they mean when they say white people are in danger of disappearing. Our traditional culture is vanishing before our very eyes...

Aug 28 2017

I bet every day is like Sunset Blvd for that poor intern that totally, absolutely exists.

Aug 23 2017

Let’s ponder for a moment the amount of time it must have taken to do hillary duff’s hair like that. I’d have gone insane just trying to get ready.

Aug 16 2017

As a reverse complaint, sometimes when waiting for something to happen, they don’t put me on hold and I hear all the crap they talk, so last month while on hold the guy from various background noises was talking “Yeah, I fake-called in sick yesterday, don’t tell anyone” so I said something when my rep came back on and Read more