Yesterday 1:32PM

I bought five of these things. they were all broken, disc drive failures. the fifth one I bought had a mod chip installed and the console worked perfectly for a while until the disc drive failed.

Yesterday 12:13PM

I, for one, salute the journalistic efforts of Some Guy from Axios. He is a clear asset to any media company that employs him.

Friday 11:31PM

Try not to think of them as kids so much as they are his “creations”. Evil emphasis on creations idk. 

Friday 11:03PM

Something tells me Lance Reddick is going to be one of the few bright spots in this show. It sounds really bad, and not in the charming Resident Evil way, just the “teen show on Netflix” way.

Friday 4:51PM

I’ve been trying really hard to like Bad Batch and I continue to watch the episodes as they are released, but so far it’s been a dud for me. I genuinely hope it changes as the show absolutely has potential. 

Thursday 4:50PM

Imagine being kinda butt hurt a studio shut up and made the game lol

Thursday 4:50PM

The systems have been out of stock for a straight 8 months.  They’re trying to sell games to people that haves systems to play them on.

Thursday 4:22PM

I don’t know what the author was expecting here, they didn’t need additional trailers does it matter how much they show beforehand? Read more

Thursday 3:58PM

Oddly negative tone at the end of the article, which is unusual, since as you said, Miyazaki’s titles have been quite strong. Read more

Thursday 1:47AM

UFO does not automatically mean aliens. It means what it says, Unidentified Flying Objects.

Wednesday 6:39AM

Would be nice to see a zombie movie that has people using logic and common effing sense. But no, let’s just re-hash the same stupidity that’s been going on for decades.

Tuesday 4:38PM

Neurologically, 20 is still a baby. Puberty lasts throughout your 20s as well. Just because society deems you an adult doesn’t mean you actually are. Expecting that much from a 20 year old, but yes, he should know better. Unfortunately, our culture likes to shelter the privileged, so them becoming “man-children” is Read more

Tuesday 4:24PM

He’s 20. Having 3 teenagers in my house right now, including a 19 year old, I understand that sometimes people of that age do not have the most healthy emotional responses to disappointment. Hopefully he learns to process his emotions in a more mature manner.

Tuesday 2:24PM

My father raves over his bluetooth hearing aids, so I’d say yes. He can adjust their levels on a phone app and everything. They’re also practically invisible.

Tuesday 1:44PM

Weird how some buds are considered bulky for sticking out a couple millimeters further from your ear but Apple gets a pass on buds that literally extend half an inch downward, past the edge of your ear.  It’s a strange double standard.