Nov 17

Or, if they ever considered how much easier it is to win that prestigious award (and more pay) when the way has been paved for you versus other writers.

Nov 2

I’m in constant flux between wild hope and quiet despair; between devouring all the news and becoming a Luddite; from comfort eating to intense nausea; from wanting to argue with every Trumphead in my path to considering deleting my accounts. (On that last one, all I have to say is thank God for the mute/block/snooze Read more

Nov 2

I keep churning on the same question over and over. If Trump tries to steal the election what will “we” do, and what will I do. 

Oct 16

Any “health guidelines” that allow for people to be participating in a freaking INDOOR SPIN CLASS are frankly useless. I can’t think of anything that would be less safe to do right now, considering the amount of heavy breathing and body fluids that must be flying around in there.

Oct 16

And indoors while people are breathing really hard (e.g., in a spin class), that 6 foot bubble can’t be too protective.

Oct 7

Yeah, I’m thinking weird sex stuff. At the heart of every cult is a man whose just trying to do weird sex stuff.

Oct 2

I’m sure all our thoughts and prayers are with the coronavirus at this diffcult time.

Sep 30

There was a lively debate on my community Facebook page when someone asked for an “objective” news source. Several folks (myself included) suggested the PBS NewsHour, C-SPAN, NPR, as well as wire services like AP and Reuters.
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Sep 28

At least Hawaii is a real place! I once told my entire 2nd grade class that I spent my summer in Texaco because I was embarrassed that my family didn’t go anywhere great like Europe like the rest of my peers and apparently also did not know the actual names of any other states well enough to know that the gas station Read more

Sep 27

Thank you, thank you for saying this! I’m in a much better place right now because of Jezebel actually! Read more

Sep 25

I found that old note in my dad’s box of “stuff” after he died...:( he used to show it to everyone...

Sep 25

This attitude is precisely why so many of MY patients waited and continue to wait too long to receive care, often for things that would increase their success in achieving healthier habits. Can you tell me where the time and money comes from for these visits? Also, what about the millions without insurance? Food Read more

Sep 25

No one’s arguing with the importance of a healthy lifestyle, it’s just that a healthy lifestyle is not equally accessible, and is completely inaccessible to many. It is not a “personal choice” for most people, and when it is framed as such that’s when people get “attacked by the left.” The targets should be systemic Read more

Sep 25

The point isn’t that obesity is a risk factor - the point is that the Whole Foods CEO has absolutely no right to make the point and blame obesity on the people who have it. The fault (in the vast majority of cases) is not theirs, it’s on the systems that have made fresh food and healthcare unaffordable and Read more

Sep 25

People who say, “French fried potatoes” instead of just “french fries” are 100% serial killers.