Jul 7

Its coming out on Arcade1UP 3/4 scale arcade machines, with 4 player controls. So for never coming to home release, we get two versions withing the same year. Read more

May 12

Look, we’re talking about Nina motherfuckin’ass Struthers here. She’d drop five games that will release ON THE SAME DAY AS THE SHOW, introduce wacky gizmos that we’ve never seen before, kill some SOBs from her own board and do all that in the astral plane.

May 11

I just need to know when Devolver Digital is doing theirs.

Apr 5

Good for her! I think of it this way, this being a big budget movie the script was out long before shooting began and every actor involved would know about the scene and any objections would have been addressed. If Bojana Novakovic (not a newby or rookie actress) didn’t have a problem with the scene along with all of Read more

Apr 23 2013

Here's an interesting post from the HokutoAndy from the previous trailer giving some insight on the designs of the Dwarf and Sorceress.