Aug 28

I’ve been calling it “Default Character Creator Face.

Jul 7

Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder is actually a pretty big deal. It’s never had any sort of home release.

Jul 6

And also further the greatest story arc in the history of developer press conferences.

Jun 20

The part that makes it funny, is his reaction, combined with the explosion itself. It’s not a big, fancy, Hollywood, fireball explosion. It’s just BANG and he’s exploded into pieces.

May 12

Dragon Ball Advance Adventure really needed to be on this list. Besides being one of the best Dragon Ball games ever made, it’s also an outstanding platformer.

Apr 22

The only thing they really have to worry about is getting the tone right. It can’t be a typical comedy. The entire reason it works is because there’s all this serious shit going on around Saitama, but he almost always has nothing to do with it. Even when he is involved, he doesn’t even realize it. Read more

Apr 5

The scene is really effective too. Not only does convey everything it’s meant to amazingly well, but it’s also one of the main reasons Black Mask’s death works.
Read more

Feb 14

I’m not sure which I find more irritating. When a game has gender locked gear, or when it isn’t technically gender locked, but it looks completely different depending on the gender.

Feb 11

I can’t wait to see the reaction the “It’s the SJWs fault Funimation cancelled it!” crowd has to this news. They keep insisting Japan would never do that. lol

Dec 12 2019

I have a feeling the end of Crisis is going to be similar to the comic version. Every show will be on the same Earth, and the multiverse will be blocked off for awhile. They’d probably use the new combined Earth to revive some dead characters, too.

Nov 20 2019

I’m dying for them to put up Condorman. I’ve been wanting to watch it again for awhile now.

Oct 9 2019

It would be hilarious if “Free Hong Kong” chants rang out during every single streamed event.

Oct 5 2019

Nah. These people talk big, but they’re all too chickenshit to actually act on a single thing they say. Besides, every single one of them are absolutely still watching Funimation shows.

Sep 30 2019

Don’t forget the unforgivable sin of reusing animations.

Sep 26 2019

Regarding the spell names issue. I saw someone on Twitter come up with a pretty simple solution to the problem. Just put a unique icon next to each name.

Aug 21 2019

Here’s a much better idea. Japan needs to get with the damn times. Something doesn’t need to be targeted toward girls, to have good female characters. Hell, Transformers and Power Rangers comics have been outclassing the majority of manga in that department for awhile now.

Aug 20 2019

The faces just have a generic quality to them. The costumes feel like they took the MCU realism, and then upped it by like and extra 10%. Washed out colors, unflattering bulk. Read more

Aug 19 2019

A lot of people hate The New Adventures of He-Man, but I always kind of liked it. If he ever shows up in She-Ra, I hope they base it on that version. It actually fits better with the whole magic technology thing that got going on.

Aug 6 2019

I can tell you exactly what it is. There’s an old mentality in China about making your own version of a thing. Basically the thought process is “People like this thing. I will make my own version. It’s ok, because clearly I didn’t make the original. Thus I am not taking credit for it.Chinese people used to not care Read more