May 4

I knew she was mentioned in this game, but that isn’t really an appearance. Closest we got though. ( I actually got this dialogue and freaked out a little.)

Feb 27

I don’t think Fahey ever said it was particularly great, and mostly talked about how much fun he had with it. He said right in the beginning that it’s far from the best beat ‘em up. Read more

Dec 13

cringe afffffffffff dude it’s just such a tryhard thing to do to make such cringe bro, they should have made a trailer with titties and explosions but instead they posted cring e bro ic an’t belive haow cirnge wt is bude im crinhing so harf riht now it s just such a qcringe trailer just pure cringe from stat ro finish Read more

Dec 4

Alot of folks are confusing this as an homage and its not, its naked tracing and stealing from fucking STUDENTS?!
Read more

Dec 4

Catsuka has dug their own digging and are attributing most of it to the director. They’ve dug up past work of his that was also used plagiarized material. Read more

Nov 8

Of course this isn’t out in the US. Americans can’t afford ambulances.

Oct 25

Yeah, don’t overthink war and terrorism guys! These are not even that serious, and anyway It’s just a game (about political topics we have a very hard time thinking about in our society as it is, but which I must stress, are really no big deal).

Oct 25

I’m somewhat sympathetic to the notion that not all games need to be given deep examination with a harsh, political lens. Like, if its Super Mario Bros, yeah, you might be going a bit too far by comparing it to class warfare or something. Read more

Oct 25

When you make a game that is trying to make a statement by having a suicide bombing as your first sequence, you make your reviews into this. Read more

Oct 9

Well...I guess SOME PEOPLE get to make edits after 15 minutes. Talk about privilege.

Sep 15

Hate the pats all you want but they did everything they could to keep Miami in the game. 

Nov 15 2017

:3 I dunno Squirrel Girl has been pretty popular towards fans lately.
I really wouldn’t be surprised if somewhere down the line she shows her face in a game again.
Also Disney please have shut this down so we can get a new online multiplayer Marvel RPG.