Oct 8

Oh stuff it. If you don’t like comedy wrestling, cool, but don’t pretend like it’s new or the biggest threat to wrestling being taken seriously and being “badass.” Decades have proven that there’s room for multiple styles, and an intelligent audience is capable of dealing with it.

Oct 8

Kidding aside, I imagine that the Z1 was originally conceived as a carrot for non-competitive users, so organizers either couldn’t make it free select due to technical reasons (tied to user profiles, etc.), or didn’t think to make it free select due to inexperience.

Aug 20

Unless this was running at 15 FPS at E3 and they improved it, I don’t see any reason to have held the footage back. Read more

Aug 20

Your character’s specific mission premise is about the (supposed, at least) plague cure. Without knowing the specifics of how the plot progresses, the apparent themes, factions, inspirations, and atmosphere of the setting make it safe to assume that there’s broader politicking and aims going on, whether you (as in, Read more

Aug 7

You also have to keep in mind that “main stage” inherently means you’re talking about thee top 8 or 16 of the total possible hundreds or 1,000+ player entrants in the game. It’s the best of the best, skill-wise. The variety is going to be naturally smaller. Read more

Aug 7

Correct. Matters of balance in fighting games are always about the player vs player aspect, as CPU-controlled characters will always run on exploitable patterns or down-right cheating until we have true A.I; plus, the longevity of fighters (at least, those in the vein of SF2) tends to be how they hold up versus other Read more

Aug 2

- The “Asylum” skin name did strike me as an odd choice and they probably should’ve thought better of it. He was being held in a “secret government facility for years” due to the literally-unstable nature of his powers and inability to comprehend what was going on, so it probably was not a place outfitted to deal with Read more

Jul 24

From my experience in the non-clown fiesta/role lock PTR queue, as limited as that is, I think he’s actually absolutely fine as-is for now. I feel like his abilities are all impactful, but have such aim/timing/game knowledge requirements that they don’t cover everything and make him OP. Read more

Jul 15

I mean...Lesnar was leaving with the title. For storyline purposes, Becky being incapacitated by End of Days—which is uber-protected, like you pointed out—left the fleeting hope that she might recover in time to help Seth, but it was for naught. Read more

Jun 23 2019

Skies of Arcadia. Seeing the locales and ship battles and special attack cutscenes in fully-realize modern graphics would make me so happy.

Jun 12 2019

The reveal of Elsa Bloodstone really got my attention, that’s quite a welcome left field pick. Read more

May 29 2019

I can readily see Blizzard putting work into Workshop updates specifically to make this 2D-plane stuff more natural.

May 24 2019

Loved the Samurai Showdown character auction tourney. game’s shaping up really nice.