Jan 14 2019

I think anytime you can avoid introducing complexity, it’s probably better anyway. This whole approach seems needlessly contorted.

Nov 11 2015

It’s a troll. Just look at the length of this thread, and that proves it.

May 27 2014

It would have been fine without that last couple paragraphs. But Reagan, true to form, could never let an occasion pass without trying to use it to his political advantage. Even while standing by the hallowed graves in Arlington, on Memorial Day. The guy was a creep.

May 27 2014

Celebrating this Reagan speech isn't rational. It's delusional. It's a speech glorifying war, on a day which we set aside to remember those who died in them. It's celebrating the mechanism of their demise. Hell, the whole reason Reagan did that speech, was to sell the country on a huge increase in defense Read more

Apr 1 2014

So the big picture, is that Tennessee is better than average, according to your poorly chosen metric of Gini Coefficient, whatever that is. Read more