12:03 PM

I agree about the unenforceability of such a rule and that it should be applied to both male and female teachers, but I don't think that this is the first time that a rule like this was created. At one point in California this law existed for food servers. (I'm not sure if it still does, and I'm too lazy to look)

8:54 PM

He basically put Portnoy's Complaint and some issues of Eightball comics in a blender, along with the styles of shading used by Charles Burns and Robert Crumb. This was all held together by his own jizz, which allowed him to stick it on to paper and scan for his website. Read more

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It's Gabrielle's beat, the clicky posts, and we like those posts. I like healthy and junk food, most people seem to be similar even if they pretend to eschew the light fare. Read more