Googly Eyed Plush Toy
10:50 AM

Haha I am so into these advent calendars. A friend sent me the cat ones all excited and Im going into TJs this weekend just to get them for her birthday lol

2:44 PM

In all honesty, this is not what I expected. Not at all. A rare surprise for this black nihilist. Read more

2:32 PM

I’m VERY glad someone finally is being held accountable for this shit. And she seems like an absolute piece of crap.  Read more

2:25 PM

At least there’s some justice for Jean. Her explanation for why she shot him so obviously boiled down to ‘I saw a black man so I shot him’ right from the start. Read more

2:07 PM

I just saw this. GOOD. It doesn’t bring him back, but it’s better than nothing. It really hits close to home for me because he was an associate at the same accounting firm my husband works for and they had mutual connections. It was basically devastating for the entire firm--he was a much beloved person and a really Read more

6:03 PM

I have serious serious questions about wtf they’re doing with their opinion section among other things)

12:43 PM

This sounds like two big companies playing fucking negotiation chicken with each other over contracts and pricing and never caring for one second that it’s real freaking people who are getting hurt.

4:21 PM

People like that give me such a headache. They just HAVE to raise panic over goddamn nothing, over some insane thing that could maybe happen, and overall just bullshit you can do nothing about. Often the same people who need to point out any and every possible negative that could potentially arise from any given Read more

1:13 PM

Ugh, that’s my worst nightmare aka the way I used to live as a student. I never had real storage options, so I actually furnished the apartment with that in mind. It’s not 100% perfect yet, but close enough.
A friend of mine has a really nice apartment, but for some reasons is the same than your client, almost zero Read more

11:27 AM

Yeah. One of the core parts of “minimalism” is “if you don’t need the thing right this second, get rid of it because you can always buy another one if it turns out you do need it.” Read more

2:10 AM

Holy shit. THAT is what started this? I thought it was asinine already the way he was reacting but I guess I’d imagined the original insult was something more like, a picture of a bedbug captioned Bret Stephens, or “neener neener you’re a bedbug” childish statement. That tweet is much more a real critique. He’s not Read more

4:26 PM

Yeah some of them are real stupid. There is one that makes a new account with a username targeting a certain commenter, and then just spams that person with the same shit, but it ALWAYS comes full circle to that person criticizing Persnickety Pants and eventually Clashtalk.