Googly Eyed Plush Toy
3:23 PM

Hmmm. okra is used a lot in Indian cooking...maybe add it to a curry? I know most cooking blogs have a thing about making okra not slimy so maybe that would help? Alternately do you have a neighbor who loves it? (Or a frenemy who hates it but can’t refuse such a generous gift? Evil grin)

2:22 PM

I adore potato leek soup. Hot hearty creamy even if you don’t add cream (although it’s sure decadent if you do) and simple to make. But I will make soup out of anything. I make baked bean soup for a quick dinner a lot using my immersion blender (can of baked beans, stock, some sort of tomato - I’ve used pasta sauce, Read more

11:28 AM

I’m cranky. For no real reason admittedly, but still, cranky! But it’s fall and now I get to use my oven with abandon (at least until the building turns the heat on and it defaults to the normal winter temp of 78). So I will be baking all the sweet potatoes and roasted veg this week.

3:20 PM

So the Duchies (sp?) are comprised of huge amounts of land much of which pays rents of some kind. Like in many places you buy your house in Britain you’re also entering into a lease for the land it sits on. Plus yes tourism, farms that produce products from seeds/veggies/meats/wool etc all of which is branded and Read more

2:32 PM

A client has the ipad and pencil (iPencil?) That pencil is fun to play with, but they’ve not progressed any further than toying with it. But I don’t think having fun playing with shit is necessarily a reason to buy their stuff! Read more

3:34 PM

Yeah. that was a mind-boggling read. The whole 1619 Project was an amazing public service and I hope schools use it going forward. Too bad the NYT doesn’t rise to this level of excellence all the time. (I have serious serious questions about wtf they’re doing with their opinion section among other things)

11:31 AM

I had to pick up antibiotics yesterday. Which is when I discovered than my health insurance plan doesn’t contract with motherfucking CVS. Uhh WTF? I literally stood there at the counter like are you telling me that “nationally known insurance company” doesn’t work with you, CVS, a national pharmacy chain with near Read more

3:13 PM

Oatmeal/couscous/cooked brown rice in soup. Makes it kinda gloopy, like a runny risotto? But it tastes good I swear. Looks terrible though so it’s not really something I’d eat with others. Read more

2:11 PM

Just got a panic call from an idiot who can’t use google maps. Yeah. you’re not looking in the right place pal, so no wonder you’re confused and thinking that there is a thing where there shouldn’t be a thing. Of course it’s none of their business to start with so their panic is totally self-indulgent attention Read more

1:40 PM

I second the Ask-A-Manager recommendation. Also spend some time writing up your past experience using the C.A.R. method (I’d do it informally at first and then transfer and polish pieces for the resume). It stands for challenge, action and results. It helps in 2 ways: one it presents your skills more fully than just Read more

7:07 PM

I have say 6 of the same brand/size but still they each fit differently. So I have one laundry day bra (which has strategic band-aids to keep the underwires from poking me), two that I alternate for most days and the others that I wear in a pinch. Read more

1:03 PM

I used to work for a client who loved the minimalist look and that’s how her home was decorated. But like, that’s not how most people live (most especially her!). She was insistent there not be shoe racks or mail holders or magazine containers, so the shoes got left all over everywhere and the mail and magazines were Read more

1:56 PM

See I always look at these listings and laugh because as long as Metro North exists you can take your $2M and buy a whole damn house instead. (worth the 30 minute commute) Read more

3:10 PM

I’ve always been super confused about the Splinter trolls since they’re so extra it’s boring. Especially after the big graying, it feels like the trolls are more welcomed by the powers that be than regular commenters.

11:51 AM

I’m conflicted. I have a job interview next week which yay! steady salary. But they’re Trump supporters. Boo. It’s borrowing trouble to be stressing about it before I’ve even interviewed of course so I’m trying to calm down.

11:56 AM

I wait with baited breath for the economic anxiety stories of everyone else now that the economy is teetering and things like food stamps are being yanked. Oh wait? only the racist Cletus-ians are worth covering? My mistake. :( Read more

1:26 PM

Yeah I’m thinking it was an “assisted suicide” as in his rich buddies paid someone to make sure it happened either by not watching him or by actually stringing him up