It's just unnatural - ain't it? Read more

Sometimes I'm a sucker for a ridiculously clean undercarriage. Read more

Thank you for getting on your stomach to get this shot!

I also watched for the first time and struggled to stay engaged. Pit stop half way through to change to a freshly charged car - really? I can watch almost anything race but this left me wondering why. Read more

I saw that too, or should I say it was on TV as I was doing other things more entertaining. I think the pace car was on track for 1/2 of the 30 laps. Read more

Watched about five minutes. Mostly because my wife is from Uruguay. The racing sucked! Read more

here ya go, bud!

Yup, and "If I didn't know this, then no one else did either." Truly, it's easier to report when you just use yourself as a point of reference. That being said, I like NPR and All Things Considered even when I'm working on my car with my daughter. Read more

I've always referred to this show as "Some Things Considered...From a Certain Point of View." Read more

He might be a lawyer. I work with them and they have this "I can do your job, but nobody can do mine" mentality all day long. Having spent three decades working with them, the truth is most of them can barely do their job, much less anyone else's. Read more

Monte carlo?

He's got me beat. My knowledge is only half-vast. Read more

He just mixed the words up, it actually comes with free rust! Read more

We had a couple of Preludes with CVCC engines when I was a kid growing up...a '79 and an '80. They both ran great, got great mileage and had plenty of to drive. However, they'd both eat the camshaft every 20-30 thousand miles. Specifically, they had a geared shaft that came 90 degrees off the camshaft Read more

You don't say?

TA actually stands for Titty Anal. It was named by a child with turrets. They were his only words after first seeing the new Viper.

Rumor has it the fog is actually smoke from Perez burning all his Mclaren apparel and unsigned contracts. Read more

Red Flagged as of right now. :( But can we also talk about how there's an American driving a F1 car during a sanctioned F1 event in America!!!
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Yes. Poor traction is actually kinda fun - you can powerslide, 4 wheel drift, etc., without going crazy fast. Especially if you're driving something like an MG TC, which has really skinny bicycle wheels. And it complements the poor torsional rigidity of old-time cars, too. Read more