Yesterday 12:43PM

Please look up false equivalence and internalize its meaning. There are specific issues that apply to trucks and driving trucks, specific issues that apply to non-trucks and driving non-trucks, and there are specific issues that apply to all vehicles and driving all vehicles. The existence of one doesn’t encompass or Read more

Saturday 2:06PM

So I am confused and maybe The Karen’s of the world can help straighten this out. The black children took harder courses, got better grades and yet the white people involved think they should be rewarded for taking courses that weren’t as hard? If this was not about race why did both families feel the need to Read more

Friday 11:48AM

Notice they target the tall lifted vehicles for ease of extraction. 

Friday 10:46AM

The root cause isn't the lack of ashtrays, the root cause is humans are garbage.

Thursday 5:57PM

“ I’m 19 and want to spend $23K on a car to take me to college”. This is, like, my 2nd least favorite category of WCSIB? right after “I’m 59 and I want to spend $80K on something fast!” Read more

Thursday 5:08PM

When one of my good friends from high school finally came out to us it was an emotional thing for him and us all. After the tears and hugs and such my other friend said bluntly to break the ice “We always sorta kind of suspected but based on your terrible fashion sense we figured you were just really bad with girls”. Read more

Thursday 10:33AM

The other day I caught a LOT of shit for claiming a 4 foot bed was not very useful. Interesting because I own a small, 25 year old Tacoma. Its WAYY smaller than the Maverick and yet has a 6 foot bed. And I use it all the time due to my weird hobby of working on vintage stereos and other electronics. I can safely say Read more

Wednesday 7:16PM

“Watch the ring video, there are quite a few kids with no supervision, almost all of them white. I wonder if the guy was worried most about the far larger white kid. Not that he should have shot at all, but I don’t think the parents of these kids should let them play outside on this street.” Read more

Wednesday 1:05PM

So this piece of shit almost killed a woman and her unborn child because she was speeding.
Read more

Wednesday 11:11AM

Why can’t this work the other way around? Someone drop off a real car as a gift for a hot wheel I own. And in that case I will have the new Alpine A110 please.

Tuesday 3:57PM

Fuck golf, there are still far better uses for recycled waste water than that creating those stupid expanses of grass in a fucking desert.