Thursday 3:52PM

I just rode my bike, shot arrows, and played in the dirt with my Tonka trucks.  I guess I missed out.

Thursday 3:49PM

If Lordstown, Canoo, and all of the other little EV startups banded together and pooled capital, perhaps they could open a manufacturing plant.  Maybe.
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Thursday 9:51AM

Same year here, that’s a good choice. I wouldn’t turn down a 512BBi or Countach, of course. Another oddity would be a Renault 5 Turbo.
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Thursday 8:18AM

I was one of those people...until we bought our Outback recently, which has a nicely integrated screen in the midsection of the dash.  It makes the reverse camera a complete, distracting PITA to use, so I found myself thinking, “man, this would be much more helpful if it were up higher and further away from me....oh, Read more

Wednesday 12:40PM

Exterior’s inoffensive, but I love the interior...clean, with just the right amount of buttons and knobs. The honeycomb insert is super cool, and I’ve never minded piano black. We don’t have kids, so we manage to not get our dirty paws all over it. Read more

Wednesday 11:42AM

You got it....shit on the OEMs constantly, then wonder why you don’t get the juicy bits.  Huh.

Wednesday 9:53AM

Was this supposed to be a review?  This is like something I’d have written up as an 8-yo kid, pretending to be an automotive journalist.

Tuesday 4:36PM

It’s the newer version of our ‘95 Aerostar, but with FWD, no exposed black oxide screws holding the 1/2 acre interior panels together, and 20 dB less noise during WOT.

Tuesday 11:38AM

I’m the same way...the magic disappeared. I’m not sure why. So many of them just kind of blur together in my mind now. Read more

Tuesday 8:16AM

I read it as being something other than the lug nuts, likely some other tightening on a subassembly. Obviously the supplier should have the same failsafing and data retention, but this is what happens when you screw together a bunch of subassemblies from suppliers you’re squeezing every penny out of.

6/13/21 9:55AM

Same here...only time I eat them, but they’re perfect.  Kind of like how I only drink soft drinks while eating horrible food at state and county fairs.

6/11/21 12:01PM

$4500 difference + taxes /= almost.  To someone like me, no big kid with a (higher than it should be) budget, that’s significant.

6/11/21 7:47AM

Didn’t scroll through, but...does a 19 y.o. really need a car that expensive? Set the budget at $10k and buy something older in decent condition. Get the degree, get a job, then get a nicer car.