Oct 6

Actually given that it was mentioned, I feel it is my duty to let you all know that CBS has been showing the first season of Discovery - on actual television!! - on Thursday nights at nine.

Oct 3

These things go through four distinct phases.

Sep 24

Now I’m expecting that we get scenes of Mouse talking to Paul, telling him to kill himself.

Sep 1

You’re probably going to fucking die in a flaming mass of splattered flesh and crumpled bones with the jetpack, but it still beats flying with United.

Aug 14

I’m afraid the BART discussion and your NASA documentation are taking about different things. NASA here is looking at flatus, the gaseous part of farts, where for us, the key component is that ever-so-faint whiff of hydrogen sulfide. Many of those gases aren’t going to behave like the dominant gases in the atmosphere. Read more

Jun 7

My stout, hardy, 7 year old cat has been suffering from extremely sensitive skin caused by an inflammation. Could barely stand being petted. So I took Zorro to the vet and it seems a course of steroids are in his future as well as something that took me aback; washing his whole body with a medicated shampoo..... as in Read more

May 3

First, solve the problem of having to refresh the page to get the comments to show up. 

Apr 27

Exactly what I wondered. What about Solomon is schizophrenic? He seemed perfectly rational to me.

Apr 13

In NYC, our system is so ancient you can see “T. Roosevelt wuz here. Taft smells” scrawled out on a bench or a wall in some random station. 

Apr 12

Its interesting that Devs and this show are running simultaneously with the emphasis they seem to put on a deterministic universe 

Mar 31

Spending $20,000 on a couch is also stupid.  

Mar 19

To be fair it has been a decade since I have read the books and there is a lot more to it than I went into. A lot. Those books are a lot.