Aug 10 2017

You’re suggesting we paint all the cars white too?

Apr 28 2017

If the world was fair, he would be followed for the rest of his days by people saying his kids weren’t real and were false flags. Read more

Apr 4 2017

Now - to be clear - smoking marijuana isn’t exactly the healthiest thing you can do to your body. I’m all for legalization, but let’s not pretend that there’s nothing wrong with smoking weed, just as we don’t pretend that there’s nothing wrong with smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol. We do it because it makes us feel Read more

Feb 15 2017

We are going to build these turbines and we are going to make the polar bears pay for them.

Feb 8 2017

As a green green blue green red green blue blue supremacist, I’d just like to say I find the notion of having green blue green green red blue red ancestors appalling. I am highly offended!

Feb 6 2017

You’re not so noble now are you helium? In fact, you’re a bit salty.

Jan 11 2017

Ugh, make a slick quiz UI for me to use first, this doing math thing is silly