2/13/18 12:28AM

Apparently it isn’t a well known problem with an easy solution because you seem to think the issue is the software rather than the actual problem of: physics working the way it does rather than the way you want. In other words, no matter what your software algorithm is, faces with high contrast are going to have have Read more

9/08/17 1:47PM

I’m sure he will give an enlightening performance.

8/27/17 1:07AM

How is the image from the ESA when the Hubble is a US Telescope? I know the ESA contributed, but it was built and launched by NASA. Just because the ESA pledged $1 on kickstarter, doesn’t make it theirs :P

8/27/17 12:59AM

I use a Pitch Shifter on my mixer to lower my recorded voice to how it actually sounds to me when I do Youtube.

8/22/17 6:45PM

From the capture it is not an iPhone. It is obviously a Sydney ZZ Golden.

8/22/17 6:43PM

1. I highly doubt that is what was given as probable cause. I didn’t ask for hyperbole or rhetoric from either side. Read more

8/22/17 6:31PM

What are they looking for in the first place? Doesn’t there need to be a reasonable suspicion that a crime was committed in order to issue a warrant in the first place?

8/21/17 4:52PM

If Uranus is full of diamonds, does that mean you have an ass that can cut glass?

8/21/17 4:44PM

The difference between solar output before and during an eclipse isn’t really the issue. The real issue is that during the eclipse, your pupils open because there is less light available. As soon as the sun pokes out from the other side, you are getting way more energy in your eyes before they can restrict, than you Read more

8/17/17 11:10AM

Yet another shill for the big pube industry with their scare tactics to make you purchase unnecessary hair trimming services. Everyone who knows, knows a snapping turtle is the best way to trim.

8/11/17 11:47AM

Where on the list would “ I don’t understand half of that list.” be?

8/11/17 11:42AM

I wonder what the insurance payout on something like that is?

8/11/17 11:33AM

One issue I see is this assumes every weapon launched reaches its target. Also not all weapons are missiles, so a percentage would be lost to conventional activity (i.e. shooting down bombers and/or ICBMs). While those numbers are inherently difficult to predict, even a 5% loss of weapons would make a substantial Read more

8/10/17 12:13PM

Why does this look like the buildings in Star Wars: Knights Of the Old Republic?

8/08/17 11:25AM

I don’t Zinc this scenario is very likely for most people. However, some care should be given as it is often difficult to get a doctor to Cu.

8/07/17 2:28PM

There are, but mostly they contain their violence toward Astrologers and people who think Horoscopes are talking about them specifically. :P

7/20/17 12:13PM

It doesn’t watch the news or follow politics.