Gene Rayburner
Dec 13 2013

It's funny that you still think Arizona State is a top 10 team

Aug 26 2013

Unfortunately, Jim Nelson has undone all that great work.

Aug 26 2013

Glory days. Tom — you and Art Cooper and Granger made me an avid magazine fan, and Elizabeth Gilbert solidified that in short years subsequent. Thanks for years of great reading.

Aug 19 2013

Including room and board, he's still on the hook for about $118,000 over the next four years. Jesus, college is expensive. Read more

Aug 19 2013

"Jesus college is expensive."
Actually, tuition at Holy Cross is more reasonable than you'd think.

Aug 16 2013

"Looks like this troll's..."
[takes off sunglasses]
"...on ice."
[slips on ice, cracks head open like a melon on ice, oh the blood, oh my god the blood, so much blood and brains and vein tissue everywhere, Jesus Christ there are children here, oh his eyes - HIS EYES - one is looking right at me, oh dear sweet Read more

Aug 16 2013

This is an important development because since she agreed not to extend the restraining order the attorneys could argue that the lady-victim was contractually the prime face cause of all this. Will be interesting to see the jurists' prudence on this one.