6/09/21 12:11AM

Kamala makes perfect sense, she’s a teenager and has close ties with Gwen and Miles.

Swap Banner Hulk for Amadeus Cho Hulk, you still get a Hulk, but he’s a younger version that can be expanded upon in other media.

T’Challa is the most popular right now, which I also get, but...and I say this with nothing but love and Read more

6/08/21 11:53PM

It all has to fit the current marketing push.

4/22/20 4:22PM

Basil is pretty much foolproof. I had a $1 planter on my windowsill with some basil seeds, occasionally remembered to water it, and had massive amounts of basil for years.

3/09/20 8:00PM

They get room, board and medical care as well. It works out to above minimum wage.

3/09/20 6:44PM

For what some of these scumbags are in there for? Ha!.... they’re lucky to be getting anything!

2/21/20 2:12PM

Yeah and if you can’t pay off your mortgage or write next months rent check, move to a tent. But only if you can pay cash for the tent. 

2/13/20 1:21PM

You can provide that hint to incoming students, but it’s a bit too late for a whole generation of borrowers who were told they need to go to top schools, no matter the cost.

2/12/20 8:43PM

Drag queen story time for the automotive crowd.  Some of us, anyways. 

10/13/19 1:10PM

I know exactly how he feels. There was this media company I liked that was bought by sociopathic hedge fund vampires who paid themselves obscene salaries while running the company into the ground.

2/23/19 7:01PM

I just started Adderall again after going to a psych a full 22 years after my initial diagnosis as a kid. I knew meds would help, but I was stubborn, high performing, and in many ways felt my tangential and deep focused thinking helped me excel at my job in some ways (and fail hard in other, particularly with non-time Read more

2/22/19 7:30PM

This sounds like me.  I always got good grades but always by being smart enough to compensate for waiting til the last second to do any of my work.  I’m currently trying to get evaluated for add because what was a “haha I always wait til the last minute and forget everything” quirk is becoming a serious limiter in my Read more

2/22/19 2:30PM

I would like to make a counter argument. I know you think Adderal made you the way you are, but my experience tells me that Adderal keeps us from being who we are, distracted, unmotivated, and impulsive. Read more

2/22/19 2:00PM

ADHD parent/survivor: If you want a real quick “diagnosis”, give your ADHD kid a bit of caffeine and see how it affects him or her. Many (though not all) ADHD kids respond to caffeine the opposite way the rest of the world does. This won’t give you a certain diagnosis, as some ADHD kids do not respond to caffeine this Read more