Apr 30

1970 Opel Kadett. 67 Horsepower! When it was new and didn’t burn a quart of oil every 100 miles. Web photo not my actual car. This one is vastly nicer in every conceivable way.

Apr 29

I am shocked that a system designed to allow polluters to continue to pollute has a convenient mathematical error that vastly underestimates the costs those polluters should actually be paying.


Apr 22

Polestar is not the “anti-Tesla”. Polestar is just a car company. Not a top to bottom renewable electric infrastructure and transportation company. They aren’t even close to the same scale of success or ambition. Tesla is actually promising to deliver a $25,000 TESLA. Which comes with a charging infrastructure.

The Read more

Apr 20

I’m over 60. There was nothing that could touch the insanity of a Dodge Challenger Demon, the Mustang GT500 or Camaro ZL1. You had more variety, but a lot of it was kind of near duplicates built on the same chassis.

Nostalgia for 60s muscle cars is just asking for a pointless expensive battle against entropy. They are Read more

Apr 19

You report Tesla crashes because they are interesting and different from the daily car crashes in which people in gasoline cars burn to death because they drive with at a dozen sticks of dynamite worth of gas at times.

That has been going on for over 100 years. Borrrrring.

One death is a tragedy. Thousands of deaths Read more

Apr 17

People expecting new technology to be perfect from the outset are just stupid and do not understand progress or problem solving.

Training neural networks is like training children. And then being able to replicate that training millions of times. It’s new, the number of obstacles already overcome is immense. We’re Read more

Apr 17

I love manuals. But the 6 speed that I have is the last ICE car I’ll own. All current EVs don’t even have a transmission. But they have optimal torque all the time so don’t need one.

What I do need is an EV AWD hot hatch in the US. My current car is 11 years old.

EVs make manual transmissions moot.

Nov 7

I know he’s a Chevy and Pontiac guy, but Ford should let him take this for a spin.

Oct 13

The Yaris GR would have been an amazing car in 2012 when I bought my Focus ST. Might have bought it instead.

What I want now, is an AWD EV hot hatch. Any kind of hot hatch in the US, seems unlikely. We’re not even getting ID.3s. I think I’m going to be driving my Focus ST for a long time.

Oct 1

Why does everything GM does now feel like it would have been cool if they brought it to market 6 years ago.

Sep 26

More electric performance cars = better. But Tesla sure has a huge head start when it comes to practical electric cars on the road.

Still, BMW car buyers don’t buy cars. They buy BMWs. Putting them in absurdly fast electric cars instead of fuming the atmosphere with CO2 is a good start.

The real question is, how Read more

Aug 24

Saturday Night Live covered this perfectly when Kal-el landed on a German farm.

Superheroes appoint themselves to solve problems. They rarely join police academies. Or enlist in the army. That’s too slow, and too much work. They are almost universally unaccountable to democratically elected civilian governments.

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Aug 7

I used to think this was all because of a time-traveling Roger Stone. And we’re in an alternative history.

Now I’m convinced we’re in the science fiction movie where the President says, “Scientists, what do they know? Always telling me how to run my country.”

We’re in the reality where the president is addressing the Read more

Aug 3

Cooling is a traditional engineering challenge. In this case, the power can be preloaded into a supercap for the fast discharge stuff, and recharge during lower draw. So that offloads a lot of the cooling problem from the batteries. Supercaps don’t have *that* cooling problem.

Ultimately, we need less firebally Read more

Jul 21

And like that ><!, the era of pointless, ridiculous hot rod electric cars was ignited.

Basically this just proves that making a 700hp (with probably 700 lb/ft of torque from near zero RPM) production model is largely an issue of ordering motors off a web site now that they’ve solved the power delivery problem.