Sep 13 2018

This. A million times this.

Every day, hundreds of millions of Americans play the game - go to work, earn money, spend money, repeat. Save a little coin along the way and one day you retire. That’s the way the game has always been played.

But yet, when we look at those who have been more successful at playing the exact Read more

Aug 24 2018

I know. It’s pretty silly that we report heavily on this massive pop-cultural powerhouse with millions of players.

May 1 2018

Are you serious? Its very clearly that dance, but white kid is that couldnt dance well enough to execute it properly. I really hate that this community is Columbusing this situation.

Mar 23 2018

Is that literally all you took from this? He’s homesick, I can guarantee he didn’t go back because of the food.

Dec 18 2017

“Oh my! Zelda, with bosses?! The thought of it gives me the vapors! I best get to my fainting couch lest this shock threaten to undo me.”

Dec 11 2017

Oh yeah okay let’s just walk down to Times Square, bypass the perimeter, first responders, NYPD, PAPD, and the FEDS and media, and snap a photo of the Port Authority Terminal.

Oct 19 2017

You’re literally the only person I’ve seen in my entire life to say this, so I don’t think you needed to worry about being “inb4" anything. Read more

Apr 8 2017

Who was driving the Lexus? That was one of the dumbest, most boneheaded moves I’ve ever seen on a racetrack, so I would guess it was Sage Karam, but they never said on the broadcast who it was.

Mar 3 2017

I think you guys recommend this for pretty much every open world game.

Jan 9 2017
33 If ever there was a time when I wanted to see a ‘counter video’ posted, it’s now. You absolutely should show us all what a Master’s Touch can do with editing videos. I’m sure it would all go extremely well and there would be zero criticism. Yes, so very well.

Oct 28 2016

This is the hometown of your very own weekend editor. Just thought you’d all like to know.