Apr 28 2019

I kind of wish he had a super heavy Minnesotan accent, and I also kind of wish when he killed Theon he would have looked right at the camera and had asked: “Cold enough for ya?”. Read more

Mar 14 2018

He lost me at we didnt evolve. Im almost curious to read the batshit extreme love, but I am slacking at work and will not waste that time on such nonsense.

Mar 14 2018

So I hung in there through the “we didn’t evolve” and the “extream love”, but had to tap out at “Asians are super creative.”

Mar 14 2018

To sum up what this guy said ⬆ “Aliens can’t be real because I love Jesus”.

Mar 13 2018

I’m inclined to agree with you, though I doubt this is hypersonic. But yes, it’s almost certainly a SSM of some sort.

Feb 5 2018
16 don’t understand at all. That makes you kind of a dumb person.

Feb 5 2018

While I’m not a huge fan of watching people get hit in the nuts myself, I’m also not a fan of when people state that they’ve never seen any part of a show, but then assert that anyone who liked it is a bad person. The people who liked watching the show didn’t like watching people get hurt, they liked watching people Read more

Jan 23 2018

Hello, Tide? My daughter is allergic to nuts, eggs, and citrus....

Nov 18 2017

Going easy on the distortion is the key. Lets the dynamics of the playing come through clearly, and Malcolm Young could play like a Muthafucka. Read more

Nov 18 2017

I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of cover bands cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened. Read more

Nov 18 2017

Even though Angus got all the attention, it was those chunky blues based chord patterns that really made those great songs. He was a damn good rhythm guitarist. Playing rhythm well is very under valued unfortunately, but from my own experience really great rhythm players are as hard to find as drummers who don’t want Read more

Sep 6 2017

I think all planets are failed experiments, and only Earth yielded favorable results.

Well except for that current boron as president.