Ford Tempo Fanatic
Jun 15 2018

Not sure if it looks like an epidemic, but it sure looks like you’re a piece of shit.

Jun 15 2018

But... If you are going 5 MPH over the speed limit they are right there to enhance revenue...

Jun 1 2018

Are you upset you can’t buy a more polluting, less fuel efficient vehicle? I don’t understand this argument. Are people really upset they can’t buy a vehicle that costs them more in gas and is worse for their health?

Jun 1 2018

Again, it’s Cali and 16 other states, those states being about 40% of the US auto market. But Every Fucking Time this issue comes up, someone goes “why should the people of California dictate the standards for the whole country?” I mean, read the fucking article; it tells you how many states use California’s Read more

Jun 1 2018

There’s probably 100,000 Trumplicking conservatives in Orange County who are convinced that “more pollution makes them better Americans,” and then there’s the rest of the state that hates those morons.

Jun 1 2018

I’m a Republican who believes in states rights. Leave California alone! Their standards work for them and have actually benefited the entire country as manufacturers make all vehicles to their standard. The climate-denying garbage is one of many reasons I’m okay with the inevitable decimation of the party.

May 30 2018

How many models can Jeep possibly need right now? How many times can you make a Patriot-like model before its redundant? Read more

May 30 2018

They weren’t given tax cuts to raise wages or do anything good - that’s just the line of BS they used to sell it. They cut taxes so they could become even wealthier! Cuz you know what’s better than 10 billion dollars? 11 billion dollars!

May 30 2018

Maybe we could take back that 1.5 trillion we just gave to millionaires (plus maybe another 2 trillion from them in even higher taxes) They were given tax cuts in order to raise wages and they decided to do stock buybacks and hoard it instead (which is what they’ve been doing for 40 years now, during this ridiculous Read more

May 29 2018

You say that, but next time go jump in a Versa. You’ll be ready to end it all in about 15 miles or so. I was forced into driving one for a week and it was the most miserable excuse for a car that I have ever had the displeasure of driving. And I’m not just giving it crap because I DD a BMW. I had a Malibu rental for a Read more

May 29 2018

This is what happens to people when they drink the The Russian Puppet’s orange lemonade. They publicly demonstrate their stupidity.

Feb 5 2018

“the two guys got the point of the ad” (were tone-deaf) “and didn’t give a shit about the politics of it” (we’re white lol so politics don’t affect us)

Feb 4 2018

It was Dodge Ram for decades. I know they stupidly changed the name a couple years ago, but I still call them Dodge trucks. Mostly out of spite.