Dec 16

They’re masterworks, all. You can’t go wrong.

Oct 7

I wonder how many new players have seen some of the allied races and say “Hey, those look cool... wait, why can I not choose those races when I create a new character?” Read more

Aug 24 2019

Darksiders 2 was great. Full Stop.

Aug 24 2019

nice on the platinum! Love their games too. Pyre’s probably my favourite but they’re all so great.

Apr 2 2019

The lore always looked pretty rad to me, but I feel like I’m way too late to even try and get into it. Read more

Mar 8 2019

Synsha’s comment is the most on-point, going back on quality-of-life convenience changes is indicative of a dev team who aren’t really sure what direction the game should be going in Read more

Aug 25 2018

There’s an interesting clash happening in those areas where the developers cut content but leave it in the game (because sometimes it’s simpler to just lock it out than rip out every line of it and it’s associated code) and the people who want to squeeze every last drop of story from these stones.

There’s danger there Read more

Aug 1 2018

Forget Sylvanas for a minute - I primarily play Horde, and I don’t feel great being forced to play someone guilty of war crimes. The lead up is borderline justifiable, if you buy the whole ‘strategic value’ of cutting off one lane of Alliance shipping. But now, Sylvanas has burned thousands of civilians alive - and Read more

Aug 1 2018

So, there’s two major problems with where WoW’s writers are currently going with Sylvanas: Read more

May 13 2018

Definitely needed to be cut. The Gascoigne fight was an important tutorial for the gun parry. Read more

Apr 6 2018

I mean I’m always for new story DLC. I see nothing wrong with it. The excuse of “just make a finished game” is fine but like sometimes you always want to keep adding to a game forever just because you keep getting new ideas. DLC is the only way for those new ideas to be added, otherwise the game would never come out. Read more

Dec 26 2017

I tried Trails in the Sky, and really really couldn’t get into it. The battle engine is incredibly slow and basic. And it takes forever for anything interesting to happen in the story. That pretty much killed my interest in the series honestly. I’ll stick with Xenoblade, Persona, and Tales for my JRPG fix. Xenoblade Read more

Nov 29 2017

It’s really not. The second is better.

Sep 21 2017

What’s so “westernized” about realtime combat? One of the most Japanese/anime-esque JRPG series has realtime combat (the Tales series), and it rocks.

Sep 10 2017

Unless I missed something, this isn’t an abuse of the DMCA. You may not like the way it’s being used, and you would be free to make an argument for why the law is bad or should be changed, but calling it abuse seems like a legal assertion that doesn’t hold water.

Jun 21 2017

I don’t think it has anything to do with ‘content’ like story mode or whatever, it’s just that the gameplay itself is way too simple. Sure, BB:CT had 12 characters, not only was the gameplay way more complex, but the 12 of them were COMPLETELY different to play, both visually, what your button presses would look like, Read more

Jun 19 2017

I liked those Castlevania games...just saying.

May 26 2017

See, I didn’t hate it that much, but I also snuck in and deactivated my tracking bracelet so I could stealth around the murderbots, and when they did catch me, I did the old standby, used the GLOO gun, hacked them, and made them MY murderbots.

I also thought the ending was pretty good, considering that in hindsight, Read more