Great detail on the tech and platform, thanks! But, when is someone going to answer the much more real question of service/support, or dare I say ‘experience’ after purchase? One thing that I think only Tesla owners can truly understand is the difference in ‘experience’ after you own the product; software updates, Read more

Here is a factual no-bullshit political spin report of the same incident.
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I’m not a big fan of how flat and almost 2-dimensional the front hood and lights have become. Back to the 997's at least there was some dip from the front quarterpanels to the hood. And, with the rear spoiler deployed, she has no hips left whatsoever; opt for a version with a wing, I guess. Read more

Please use something other than ‘miles per hour’ for the charging rate! Read more

This is a trick! There should be a third pedal on the floor, that is all. Read more

The subtext of Porsche’s press release seems to be that driving itself is secondary here. Read more

Toyota has even lost its way on the marketing side... if you are going to show a GT-class racing concept, an auto show is not the place. Would have been nice to see at say Rolex 24 or upcoming 12-hour Sebring or even hold until LeMans, you know where Toyota is the only one left in the LMP1 class. Read more

Interesting numbers and all, but did Porsche bring a proper driving experience to the model or not? What is the interior look like, a refactored Panamera? Let’s hope it does NOT include all the autonomous tech in a Tesla. Read more

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I don’t know, maybe it is the video, but the Flyboard Air flight from June looks faster... Now, only the fuel is warn on your back, but it is like arguing which super hero/villain is better.

I love the look and scale, but that A-pillar alone proves that this beauty, as we see it, will never make production. Well, unless Honda has produced some space-aged materials to handle the necessary crash load... Read more

Real warnings come in 3s - “Brace, brace, brace!” (hopefully no impact). Read more

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If you want to the future of ‘safe’ open-wheel racing, look no further than Formula-E. The cars are top-speed limited, under-125 mph if I recall correctly, built using the latest CF monocoque tech, and the drivers treat them like bumper cars.

I came here looking for a comment about not running street legal tires and was let down. Read more

Those Bloomberg analysts are just trying to control/predict the stock price... they’ll say anything to make a buck. See Model S & X are not selling, it is terrible; stock goes down slightly (buy), then, Model 3 is a bounding success how will Musk ever keep up with demand?, stock goes up slightly (sell). Rinse and Read more

One problem glossed over in the article is weight. If you do become efficient at packing you will eventually hit the weight limit for carry on... been there, done that. Read more

The mispronunciation only bothers me when the person is an obvious car person, otherwise, meh. But, here is a new one that should really get under your skin... young kid, slightly over driving age, asks me about my ‘Camaro’. Yes, not only no clue about ‘Porsh’ that script on the back that says ‘Carrera’ is easily Read more

How do these companies avoid DCMA takedowns? Or, is it that there is enough mutual benefit to each manufacturer they don’t dare cry foul like they would to someone aftermarket? Read more

Sure I’m from the US and we apparently, unlike most of the rest of the world, no nothing about the metric system. But here is a perfect case where Fahrenheit is simply a better tool for the job! Our brains work best in integers and +2º C versus F is a dramatic difference when you are talking average temperature Read more

Maybe the photos, or the shape of the frame, but the rider position and geometry looks wrong. Read more