Oct 2 2017

Also, interesting hearing even This law enforcement or military guy on NBC not educating the today show crew on weapons and ammunition. They keep saying oh, wait till we see what he had in the room. The Sherri said that he had multiple weapons. Well, no shit, if you are on full auto for that long, the barrels will Read more

Oct 2 2017

Look at all the trash on the ground. People make me sick with how lazy they are and how bad they litter. Is it really asking too much to find a trash can on your way to find cover?

Sep 8 2016

Actually the way episode progresses I feel the audience also “forgets” Picard and starts to embrace Kamin

Sep 8 2016

Here’s the thing: this episode really shouldn’t work. It’s a boring story, and the audience knows that it’s not real. Read more

Aug 26 2016

Seriously what’s the mistery here? it’s a platform hanged with wires, it looks cool but there’s nothing weird about it.

Aug 26 2016

It’s Kanye. There’s no need to find any reason to hate when he literally hands it to you.

Aug 26 2016

How does it work? With wires and motors unless you are suggesting that Kanye West invented levitation technology.

Aug 13 2016

I used to be involved in the Animorph fandom...we don’t even hold gatherings. We take up space on forums and fanfiction archives...that’s about it. Read more

Jul 28 2016

Fucking hell, ENOUGH already with this “viral marketing” bullshit, trying to make the movie seem “controversial” so people will be interested in seeing it.

Jul 11 2016

True, but they could have at least had the original batch (I think they only have 130 atm). They have a huge stable of Pokemon that they didn't need to withhold any of the originals. As for the other part, I agree and I should have clarified. I have tried it on my fiance's phone, she let me catch a few here and there. Read more

Jul 11 2016

I really have a hard time understanding the appeal of this game. It just seems to be completely lacking in actual stuff to do and content. I haven’t played it myself but have watched my fiance and checked out videos and information and it seems to just be an endless cycle of “catch one pokemon (only like 10 of them Read more

Jun 30 2016

Through the magic of photoshop layers and combining thermal imaging with ultraviolet, Jupiter lights up. The layers don’t really align since they are from different time periods but still interesting.