Nov 18 2017

Could this end high level college athletics? Could this lead to an NFL “D-League”? Could the NBA G-League actually become entertaining?

Nov 13 2017

Unrelated but a good time to tell everyone about my dream for U of I. Change the name to the Fightin’ Lincolns and steal ND’s logo. Just change the suit to black and the hat to a stove pipe hat.

Sep 15 2017

I am going to be that guy- This has nothing to do with the First Amendment. She is free to say Trump is a racist. And ESPN, a private company, is free to fire her/punish her/do nothing to her if it feels like it. Read more

Aug 13 2017

I think that the stuff in his memo was incorrect and misguided, but I also think being incorrect about how best to address a complicated issue like gender diversity in tech shouldn’t be a fireable offense. Is there room on the internet for this opinion?

Aug 13 2017

The motherfucker who drove into the crowd is as “endorsed” by Trump as the shooter at the parking garage in Houston was “endorsed” by Obama.

Aug 13 2017

Haha seriously. Some of us think EVERYONE sucks. The guy who drove into the crowd is a psycho. The guy who shot up an abortion clinic is evil. The guy who shot up the Republican baseball game is evil. The Evergreen State protestors are weirdos. Read more

Aug 5 2017

The fact that you think anything I said is an attack is exactly the problem. You wrote that whole comment and I don’t even know if you meant to reply to me at this point. Read more

Aug 5 2017

“...One point being, we should be able to discuss this without instantly shaming/closing off the opposing viewpoint.” Read more

Aug 5 2017

Sheesh. This could have been so much worse. Not saying they are correct, just saying if he’s an asshole he’s at least a thoughtful one. Read more

Jul 17 2017

Just to be clear: Mayweather has physically beaten women. Caused actual damage to women with his fists (as a champion boxer!). Read more

Jul 7 2017

“It’s just hard to believe the dog was nasty when she took Lamby to every green room with her when Girls was still a thing 4 years ago.” Read more

Jul 5 2017

When you become outraged at everything, you are outraged at nothing.

Jun 29 2017

I thought Gawker got shut down because Univision recognized there was no revenue in it and they didn’t want political commentary. Why is Gizmodo posting reviews of leaked copies of a book that has nothing to do with technology? The comments will say to just ignore the article, right? I don’t want to ignore it. Stop Read more

Jun 21 2017

People saying this is convenient or a conspiracy are idiots. Seriously.
1 - Because it’s not convenient for two reasons: Cap recapture and losing one of the team’s best players, a guy who would be team captain in maybe any other team except the Penguins.
2 - People with no medical knowledge have absolutely no idea how Read more

Sep 10 2014

Orcas are such amazing hunters, and it's one of the many reasons that they're my favorite animal. :) I want to see them in the wild so badly someday, and an underwater perspective would be a dream.