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"Their" is supposed to be "they're" but I can still understood you. Not be everything in life needs to be 100% accurate. Especially not works of fiction. Read more

True, but he did return on DS9 however. Read more

For me, the problem was Suikedon II came out the same time as Monster Rancher and MR had so much more to offer me then Suikedon II did. Read more

Question: How does one get a job evaluating Nerf and Nerf-like guns for a living? I apparently took the wrong courses in college. Read more

Frankly, I'm just waiting on a proper Lunar sequel. I have the PSX Lunar SSS and Eternal Blue sets, as well as Lunar Legend on GBA (a reworked version of SSS) and Harmony on the PSP (another working of SSS, and very good).

While I do ask that we get more JRPGs and there is clearly enough evidence showing a demand for them, fuck Sega. Until they get their shit together with PSO 2 and stop shitting on the Western market, they can port their entire library to Steam for all I care.

The Skydancer was the first toy I ever bought with my own money. I saved up for months, and playing with it was just as satisfying as the commercials had led me to believe it would be. Sadly, she was confiscated by my mother after just a few weeks. Read more

The new outfits are probably Jinora's idea - a new young master bringing them into the modern age. Read more

Final Fantasy X-2 only had Yuna, Rikku and Paine, so Final Fantasy XV can have Noctis and his bros. Read more

Don't worry. At some point it happens to everyone.

Personally, very few indie games grab my attention. With that said, this fall, a good chunk of my preorders are on Vita. Read more

If you build it, they will cum. Read more

He was also a Warhammer 40,000 player (I know a guy who gamed in the same store as him) and player of other things besides.

He was one of us. Read more

Pretty glaring omission here:

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Ash used Crunch. It was super effective. Read more