Apr 8 2014
Love to Lose

Hello my lovely fellow TAY. Sorry for the long silence. I actually have just been lurking. Here lately I really

Mar 16 2014
Heading Back to Skyrim

"Rounding another corner in the cave you are suddenly blinded by Sunlight. The Cave was hiding a Grotto. The

Dec 27 2013
Etched Champ Slowpoke

It has taken me forever to actually put one of these up but in recompense I included the Pokemon version of me

Dec 18 2013
Gamer Hoard

These last few days my wife has been helping me move all of my games from their cases into a binder. Long story

Nov 18 2013
Gamer Grub

Hello there everyone! I know, you thought I had perished or at least had the electricity cut off at my

Oct 10 2013
Coming Back to Town

Hello once again my friends, sorry I have not been on much we have been super busy, and am happy to report

Oct 3 2013
Gamer Gore

Hello there everyone, sorry for the time between articles we are just still really busy. But what I would like

Sep 23 2013
Gaming Tradition

Yup that's a giant Gameboy Color everyone. Specifically that is the particular color that I own/play(Although

Sep 19 2013
Unemployed Gaming

As many of you already know, I recently got married and moved to an entirely different city where we honestly

Sep 18 2013
Gamer Disaster

I think we have all been in at least one situation where we as gamers face a disaster either with our games

Jul 29 2013
Gamer Shame

This is gonna get ugly my dear friends. Today I would like to talk about something that we can be made to feel

Jul 29 2013

Yes! I am so very pumped for the HD edition of Final Fantasy X dearest TAY! Not only because I love the

Jul 17 2013
Gamers Remorse

As all of you know I am a huge fan of Dynasty Warriors but all this talking about it has made me think of

Jul 13 2013
Angry Gaming

I think that we have all been to this place, you know the one, a Boss is obviously cheating to be able to

Jul 10 2013
Hunger for Manuals

Since my last article was a little serious I felt like writing something that was a bit lighter. I want to