Oct 25

I believe him, except for Harley. Harley won’t die. Not just because she’s a cash cow for WB, but because the majority of the audience don’t want to see her die. Oh sure, she has her haters who would be absolutely overjoyed if she died. But most people see Harley is the fun, zany character, and you don’t kill the fun Read more

Sep 25

The music tries too damn hard to make the plot seem important. I couldn’t hear most dialog. Nolan music crutch.

Sep 25

see i think for a nolan film it’s the least fun to talk about because it’s ultimately so straightforward (it is, without any real introspection or subversion, just a movie about a nameless guy saving the world). i hate interstellar but i at least have fun talking about how much i hate it.  Read more

Sep 23

Right? Syndicate was fun because I liked the twins. And I disliked Unity because both Arno and Elise were boring. Elise was much more interesting than Arno but they did that atrocity in the end. I no longer bothered playing the series at this point. I watched that Flight over Venice video recently. ACII was brimming Read more

Sep 23

I liked Edward Kenway a lot.  Then i found out why much, much later on.  It was the voice of Matthew Evans whom i later came to know and love in his role as Constantine

Sep 22

It’s weird, too - Ezio was actually written the way he was in direct response to criticism from some fans that Altaïr was too boring for their tastes. (I personally quite liked Altaïr, but I can see why his reserved and serious personality didn’t appeal to everyone.) Read more

Sep 22

This really isn’t even an outrage thing at this point, it’s more of a “How the fuck are you guys striking out with stuff that is THIS simple???”

Sep 13

I’ll credit Chuck for sticking to his guns here, he’s explained why he’s absent from the game on Inside the NBA for the last few years. Read more

Aug 29

There was no coincidence or mistake, the game’s plot is clearly ripped from the headlines. “Violent anarchists” co-opting a revolutionary movement is more right wing nonsense. Any chance you guys can do an article looking into the recent wave of fascist games? Call of Duty and Tom Clancy were always right wing Read more

Aug 5

Likely the latter. This kind of tap-dancing is what you get when you really, really want to blame someone you’re not allowed to blame. It was probably a bit of a struggle to even get Spiderman for the PS4 version, what with Sony’s own Spiderman game series being so prominent.

Aug 5

It looked like he was going that way, then he stopped short and went another route.  Either that wasn’t the case and he was trying to imply it was Sony’s doing, or it really was Sony holding Spidey back from other platforms and he didn’t want to get in trouble for throwing them under the bus.

Jul 26

This seems like a perfect time and place to remind everyone that Marvel’s current EiC is a white man who pretended for years to be a Japanese man so he could write “Japanese stories.”

Jun 29

In case anyone here was still under the impression that JK Rowling isn’t a transphobe, she recently unfollowed Stephen King and deleted her tweets supporting him after he came out saying trans women are women.

Apr 14

Show of hands...

If you had the personal email/phone number of your company’s CEO, someone who is one of the most powerful people in their entire industry, who could end your entire career without a second thought if you rubbed them the wrong way...would you contact them, for any reason?

Honestly, if things are so bad Read more